June 7, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network

On Saturday, April 9th, we gathered outside the White House today, to demonstrate with our own bodies what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine.

Unarmed civilians lying dead in the streets, with their hands tied behind their backs. Innocent men, women, and even children murdered for no reason other than hatred and spite.

We have seen the pictures from Bucha and the train station at Kramatorsk. But these are only the tip of the iceberg. New atrocities come to light every day, and even more are being committed as we speak.

There are hundreds of Buchas and Kramatorsks happening right now across Ukraine… and history will record that we knew it. We have a chance to make a difference starting now – but when will we finally take that decision to act?

Ukraine is grateful for the aid sent so far by the US and the rest of the free world, but it is not enough.
It is not enough to stop the massacres happening now.
It is not enough to prevent the deaths of the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who will die because of inaction and delay.
It is not enough to deter Putin and other dictators around the world from invading more countries, and creating their own new world order. More silence and appeasement will only lead to more escalation!

We call on the US and on leaders everywhere:
Take real action NOW to support Ukraine – and to protect the future of your own nation.

Nadiya Shaporynska

‍From UWIN

We are not sure that a spectacular staging, arranged by US Ukrainian Activists in front of the White House, impressed the White House and encourages the US government to increase aid to Ukraine.

‍US Ukrainian Activists call people to send a letter demanding real action NOW to President Biden and to Congress, using Resistbot’s easy tools.

At the same time, these activists for some reason ignore a wider and more important call to add their signatures to the APPEAL BY REPRESENTATIVES OF UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE & PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSOR.

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