October 3, 2023


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Sorry world, unfortunately, we didn’t have internet in 1992-93 to tell us what Russia did in Georgia:

Tariel – tortured to death, then cut his head and played football.

Tadeozi, 99 years old – burnt alive in his own home.

Veronica, 83 years old – was tortured and then drove.

Tsisia, 30 years old – raped in front of parents and guests, and finally they all were killed.

Abesalomi, 70 years old – was tortured to death by cutting her ears, eyes and nose.

Mariam, 12-year-old – was gang raped and then shot.

Iza – They tortured him to death, they opened their eyes and cut their chest.

Jacob – tortured, killed and thrown to pigs.

Lavrent and Tsisia – husband and wife, both of them were removed.

Anna, 19 years old – was raped by 13 soldiers in front of her father, then hung on a tree and burned.

Peter, 59 years old – they removed himself and did not allow his relatives to bury him, he was beaten by pigs.

Nikoloz, 15 years old, was killed by a crash.

Olga, 85 years old – tortured and thrown out from the fifth floor.

Giorgi, 40 years old – was stabbed, put salt on the wounds, cut into pieces and sent to his wife.

Zauri, 53-year-old – naked was thrown into the fridge, a star was thrown at him and shot.

Mzia, 37 years old – was raped in front of her brother and then killed.

David, 33 years old – teeth were removed, bones were broken and killed.

And the most important – the unknown girl, who was stabbed in two parts, and then sent to the hospital, on which the paper was written: “As you can’t make this girl together, Georgia and Abkhazia cannot unite”.

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