November 29, 2023


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A Russian academic (sic!) choir sings a primitive anti-American song in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Here is the text in Russian:

На подводной лодочке с атомным моторчиком // Да с десяток бомбочек под сотню мегатонн // Пересек Атлантику и зову наводчика: // “Наведи, говорю, Петров, на город Вашингтон”. // Тра-ля-ля, тра-ля-ля, все могу за три рубля. //Здравствуй, новая земля //Неприятеля!

И на самолетике сверху друг мой Вовочка // Не с пустыми люками в гости прилетел // На подводной лодочке да с атомным моторчиком // Экипаж веселую песенку запел: // Тра-ля-ля, тра-ля-ля, можем все за три рубля. //Здравствуй, новая земля // Неприятеля!

Сладко дремлют в Норфолке огоньки по берегу, // Спят усталые игрушки, негры тихо спят. // Ты прости, Америка, хорошая Америка, // Но пять сотен лет назад тебя открыли зря. // Тра-ля-ля, тра-ля-ля, все могу за три рубля. // Пополам гори, земля // Неприятеля! // Пополам гори, земля //Неприятеля!

Google translation:

On a submarine with a nuclear engine, // Yes, a dozen bombs under a hundred megatons // Crossed the Atlantic and call the gunner: // “Point, I say, Petrov, to the city of Washington”. // Tra-la-la, tra-la-la, I can do anything for three rubles. // Hello, new land //of the Enemy!

And on the plane from above my friend Vovochka // Not with empty hatches came to visit. // On a submarine and with a nuclear engine // The crew sang a cheerful song: // Tra-la-la, tra-la-la, we can do everything for three rubles. // Hello, new land // of the Enemy!

Lights slumber sweetly in Norfolk along the shore, // Tired toys are sleeping, Negers are sleeping quietly. // Forgive us, America, good America, // But five hundred years ago you were discovered in vain. // Tra-la-la, tra-la-la, I can do anything for three rubles. // Burn in half, land // of the Enemy! // Burn in half, land // of the Enemy!

* * *

Never in my life have I heard my fellow Americans write anything similar and hateful towards Russia. Even at the household level. Well, it is even impossible to imagine that something like this could be performed by an academic choir in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York or in the National Cathedral in Washington.

Valdemar Johnson

Editor-in-Chief Comment:

During Soviet times, I went to St. Petersburg many times for business and personal matters, sometimes twice a month. I went to St. Isaac’s cathedral — the largest cathedral in the city and in Russia — almost every time…

While studying at Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, I was a member of the University’s Academic Choir of Students and Professors. We performed several times on the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses…

So, I know what academic singing is and what can be included in the repertoire of an academic choir. The melody used in the attached clip is familiar to me — it is the melody of a well know Russian folk song. The anti-American propaganda text adapted to this melody is completely mediocre and boorish, making this song blasphemous.

Volodymyr Ivanenko

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