March 28, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network

The rituals and traditions of a Sunday are warmly embraced, be they religious, sports, food or family.

The film of this name focuses on conflicts and relationships in a sports setting.

My posts are set in Ukraine.

Yesterday, some trolls took a walk through my posts and I’m happy they did. Happy because they write what others think giving me an opportunity to explain, how I know.

Many know me for decades and understand that I am careful to present realities, and there are many realities. I simply present the ones I can rely on.

I have known Ukraine since 1998 and have travelled extensively. I have friends and connections across the country, all ordinary people like you, my reader.

Till 24th February I have lived in Ukraine in a town called Irpin, which is at the forefront of this war. What I know about it comes from people who are there, my neighbours, friends, acquaintances and business owners.

In terms of Military information, it comes from official releases. I wouldn’t jeopardise the lives of the brave Ukrainians who suffer.

Naturally, this does no dissuade trolls. Of course they know better and will seek conflict. Challenging what I write. Only they don’t know better. In terms of what I write, they don’t.

Keep and eye on Oleksandr Bortnikov and Kadyrov the Chechen. One of them will die soon. Who dies will determine what happens in Russia. It can be quick, or it can be slow. My instinct is clear. Kadyrov is a dead man, it is a question only of time.

In all directions, no significant advantage has been achieved by the Russians, with drones working effectively to destroy their people and technology. Donetsk today is very hot, Izum attacks resulted in failure. There remains not one single Ukraine city, town or village choosing Russia. Around Irpin, there’s a clean up of Russian forces, my friends work to evacuate civilians in the line of conflict.

Chernobyl has several forest fires and radiation is released.

Today there should be 7 humanitarian corridors, but Russians will attack both them and the support services. Piracy, murder, rape and kidnapping occur regularly. In Mariupol, people are in great need. Forced removal of the local population to Russia is happening, passports, ID and phones confiscated. This is a prelude to a dark future for them.

Russian military continue to be destroyed and some of the most advanced technology captured, many of great interest to NATO. The damage is being done by missiles and bombs, including the hypersonic missile used yesterday. Not closing the sky is a stain on NATO, the EU and US. Germany has demonstrated moral inadequacy making it unfit in the future EU.

One communications technology has now revealed all its secrets, passwords and identities. It was abandoned by the crew when approached by Ukrainian forces. They chose life.

Another death squad has entered Ukraine to kill the Ukraine leadership. They take the place of others who are dead. Their fate is likely no different.

Brendan Murphy

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