April 1, 2023


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They call it People’s Convoy that should remind you Russian idea of creating so called People’s republics and other provocative projects all over the world.

A trucker convoy in Hagerstown—known as the Freedom Convoy—continued staging Saturday roughly 65 miles outside of Washington D.C. and the protest appears to be growing in size and scope.

Throughout Saturday demonstrators continued to pour in to the meet up spot at the Hagerstown Speedway, with mixed answers about what they are protesting. Many demonstrators told WUSA9 that the message they hope to send goes beyond the rejection of COVID mandates.

“Showing solidarity with all the truckers,” said Peyman Mottaghi who flew from Denver, Colo. with his family and then rented a minivan to take part in the convoy.

Mottaghi said he is a naturalized US citizen who waited 12 years for citizenship after fleeing a dictatorship in Iran.

Eric Flack

From UWIN:

“Trucker convoy attendees in Hagerstown give mixed answers when asked what they’re protesting”. There is nothing strange in this passage when you look deeper into all truckers events and think, who would be interested in disturbing American economy.

We strongly believe that truckers protests were inspired by Russia, and we explained it in our publication about the event in Canada (see: “IS RUSSIA BEHIND THIS? – УСІМ | UWIN”.

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