September 24, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network

Truckers protests are the most massive and maybe the only massive protests directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic in general and to mask or vaccine mandates in particular.

There are many workers who have reasons to protest, and we know about different protests that took place but they didn’t become massive and never lasted long…

Why truckers who make very good money and the shortage of drivers (over 80K just in the US) giving them opportunity to make more?

You might heard that the truckers protests in Canada already caused the economy billions of dollars in damages. Three American car factories paused making cars because of these protests. Other industries in the US and Canada are not happy as well…

As you can read in New York Times, even a court order doesn’t stop protests and the Canadian prime-minister is considering the use of armed forces to stop protesters.

Politico writes that American truckers distance from Canada protests. But they are protesting as well starting with protests in California and planning to be in Washington, DC by the day when Joe Biden will be delivering his State of the Union to Congress.

I won’t be surprised if it will appear that there are Russians behind this, and I can explain my concerns.

Many of us in the US and Canada know that in trucking industry there are a lot of drivers and trucking business owners of East European origin — Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, etc. There are so many of them that they even publish a magazine.

Thus, it is very convenient for Moscow to have its agents of influence and provocateurs in this environment, who are able not only to incite protests, but also to organize and coordinate protest operations in whole.

Valdemar Johnson

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