May 27, 2023


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Here you go. Right from the horse’s mouth. Russian war criminal, and now MP of the ruling United Russia party, Aleksander Borodai, who played a pivotal role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine said last week that the “People’s Republics” in Ukraine are the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

This should have been all over western media. But it was not. A key player in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has acknowledged in an interview that Russia invaded Ukraine.

For the millionth time: stop calling them “separatists” — they are Russian invasion and occupation forces. Period.

I guess all the losers who have trouble publishing facts instead of Russian propaganda are waiting for Putin himself to say the same thing as one do the men he sent to Ukraine in 2014 to manage the Russian occupation administration.

They are Russian forces in Ukraine. Period.

Ariana Gic

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