October 3, 2023


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Sergej Sumlenny recently shared this picture on Twitter of an outstanding thread on the absolute perverseness of the Nobel Prize being awarded to the Russian “Novoya Gazeta”, and it being treated as though it is free, independent, and pro-democracy media.

This picture is of a group of Western and “liberal” Russian journalists, including one of Novaya’s star reporters Pavel Kanygin, and war reporter, Ilya Barabanov, with a Russian war criminal who played a pivotal and violent role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Alexander Borodai.

I remember this photo of the western and “liberal” Russian journos chumming it up with the murderous Russian war criminal well. I also remember how they defended their despicable actions.

And all I can think about it how THEY are voices on Russia and how people trust THEM for honest news about Russia and its unlawful war on Ukraine. It. Is. Sick.

And for those who don’t know, the western journalists who happily chummed it up, smiling happy shit eating grins, with the KNOWN murderous Russian war criminal in this picture from a Moscow bar are:

•Andrew Roth, then NYTimes, now The Guardian
•Noah Sneider, The Economist
•Olaf Koens, from the Netherlands

Remember their names.

Ariana Gic

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