October 3, 2023


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“The case for withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan is strong. The rapid collapse of Afghan military forces and its elected government in the face of a Taliban offensive this summer has demonstrated just how little we’ve done to create a strong and resilient system in the country over the past 20 years”, — Damon Linker writes.

Let’s underline this: “how little we’ve done to create a strong and resilient system in the country over the past 20 years”.

What’s missing or what’s the writer even doesn’t think of?

It can be explained in simple words: United States were trying to build in Afghanistan a democratic state a la U.S. or any other western democratic country.

So, we are talking about an EXPORT OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY without keeping in mind ancient traditions and customs of a country and its people whom we want to adopt our nation and state building vision.

That’s why United States failed putting in Afghanistan a trillion of dollars and many lives of American soldiers — much more than the Soviet Union lost in Afghanistan in 1979–1989.

This Afghan lesson has to be learned the best way possible, because we can see something similar in other countries, and Ukraine is the first to be named after Afghanistan.

For centuries Moscow was trying to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainian traditions and customs. It’s Kremlin’s intention to do so, and in many ways Muscovites got achieved their goals.

Helping Ukraine and Ukrainians to build and strengthen independent state, to fight Russian aggression, Americans are making the same mistake they did in Afghanistan and other countries. They don’t count on ancient Ukrainian traditions and customs while encouraging Ukrainians to adopt American type of democracy.

Doing their best to import western type of democracy, Americans and Western Europeans actually are trying to replace Soviet-Russian state building with not the best version of Liberalism completely ignoring, let me repeat, the ANCIENT UKRAINIAN TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS.

Valdemar Johnson

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