June 9, 2023


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Once again about the unused Ukrainians Worldwide potential

Yesterday, we distributed the statements of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) and the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America (UCCA) related to the “annexation” of four regions of Ukraine by Moscow, accompanied by harsh comments from the Ukrainians Worldwide (UWM OC) both to the organizations themselves and to their leaders are Paul Grod and Andriy Futey.

Here is the comment of the UWM OC to the statement of the UWC President P. Grod:

While supporting the UWC statement, we cannot but express our attitude towards the thoughtlessness and incompetence of the UWC leadership as a whole and its president Paul Grod in particular, who are fascinated by the production of random, situational statements, limited only to manifestations of indignation or concern.

It is a pity that the UWC and its affiliated organizations of the Ukrainian diaspora do not make their own strategically important appeals, and never join and add their signatures under other people’s ambush appeals.


The peculiarity of this document is that its authors provided a simple algorithm for implementing the demands (see: WHAT TO DO AFTER ADDING YOUR SIGNATURE).

The UWC President, P. Grod, was repeatedly invited to put his signature under this Appeal and call on others to follow his example, but he stubbornly ignored this invitation.

In the text presented above, Mr. Grod essentially repeats the demands that were declared on March 12 of this year in our Appeal, add at least his signature to which he did not consider it expedient.

The UWC claims to represent twenty million Ukrainians of the diaspora, united in more than fifty organizations. Imagine that all of them, or at least half, or even ten percent, signed our Appeal and took a few simple steps: to attract as many signatories as possible, to convey the demands Ukrainians Worldwide to the presidents or sovereigns, governments and parliaments of the countries where Ukrainian diaspora lives, and to fulfillment of these requirements — for the implementation of the Appeal.

Can you imagine how much millions of Ukrainians around the world could have done since March 12, if Paul Grod had not scratched the back of his head, but raised the UWC and its affiliated organizations in support of the Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee’s initiative?

It is quite possible that the aggressor would have been tamed a long time ago, and Ukraine and Ukrainians would not have experienced such horrors as they have experienced and continue to experience.

Of course, the UWC and the organizations affiliated with it in general, Paul Grod, Andriy Futey, and all other their leaders were busy with something: they collected and are collecting humanitarian aid for Ukraine (a large part of which ends up in the hands of their corrupt partners in Ukraine), organized flash mobs and rallies (to “have fun on the streets”, as one of the UCCA leaders boasted in social media), accompanied delegations of politicians and government officials from their countries of residence to Ukraine and the places of the largest concentration of refugees from Ukraine…

But during the months of the Russian war in Ukraine, absolutely nothing was done and is not being done to attract support of Ukraine of those countries of the world in which a large Ukrainian diaspora lives, but which openly support Russia in its aggression or modestly refrain from voting in support of Ukraine in the UN (Brazil, India, Mexico, etc.)”.

And here is the comment of the UWM OC to the statement of the UCCA president A. Futey:

In principle, while supporting the UCCA statement, we are not surprised by the thoughtlessness of this organization leadership, which is fascinated by the production of random, situational statements, limited only to expressions of indignation or concern. Now we have another example, about which we can say: “You can’t say ‘bless you’ to Putin every time he sneezes”.

It is a pity that neither the UCСА nor the UWC do not make strategically important appeals themselves, and they never join or add their signatures to other people’s fundamental appeals.


The peculiarity of this document is that its authors provided a simple algorithm for implementing the demands (see: WHAT TO DO AFTER ADDING YOUR SIGNATURE).

UССA President Andriу Futey with amazing stubbornness ignores the invitation to add his signature to this Appeal and encourage others to follow his example.

As you can read in the Call, UCCA claims that it represents two million Ukrainian Americans. Imagine all of them, or at least half of them, or even ten percent of them added their signatures to our Appeal and did a few simple steps to implement the Appeal since March 12th… Nothing was done by people who pretend to be Ukrainian patriots. 

Instead, A. Futey devotes too much effort and time to the production of worthless appeals, participation in various flash mobs and other events, the effectiveness of which is only to shake the air and which can be considered even destructive, since they do not have a mechanism for their implementation”.

It is not difficult to notice in our comments the deliberate repetition of certain paragraphs, as well as differences in others. Looking from the side, one might think that we have claims against both the UWC and the UCCA for the fact that the representatives of these organizations did not add their signatures to the Appeal initiated by us, and now in their statements repeat the demands expressed in the same Appeal (some in this sees even plagiarism).

It does not. We have nothing against the fact that someone voices, repeats and multiplies the demands listed in the Appeal initiated by us. On the contrary, we have repeatedly encouraged the use of those demands at protests and elsewhere.

Another thing confuses us is that the leaders of the UWC and UCCA, ignoring the invitation to add signatures in March and the following months, condemned themselves to waiting for a special moment when a roasted rooster pecks in one place, and thus our heroes will finally have a reason or an opportunity to cry “save” and actualize the demands-calls that they neglected six months ago.

So, on the one hand, it is good that it finally reached them, albeit with such a long delay, and they voiced the demands initiated by us. On the other hand, the problem is that they came to their senses six months later. In a pig’s voice, as the people would say.

Having joined our initiative back in March, attracting a huge number of signatories to the Appeal, sending the signed document to dozens of heads of state, dozens of governments, and thousands of parliamentarians of various countries around the world, supporting this Appeal with massive organized protests against the aggression of the Russian Federation and demonstrations in support of Ukraine, primarily in problem countries, Ukrainians Worldwide would gain the support of the peoples of the respective countries, and in this way a powerful influence on the course of events would be exerted.

The pressure of the world public on Russia would certainly have been much more effective, Russia would have been forced to retreat, and therefore there would have been no continuation of the atrocities that we saw in the Kyiv region, and the annexation of the territories of Ukraine currently occupied by Russia would not have happened. In other words, there would be no reason for the current situational statements and appeals, which are nothing more than a shake of the air.

Indeed, what effect did the UWC and UCCA hope for when they appealed to the world public? It’s obvious that it’s the rooster’s effect: he crowed, but don’t even look up there.

In order for the international community to react “to Russia’s new step to dismantle the existing international order, international law and the ongoing genocide of the people of Ukraine,” it was necessary to call on “governments around the world to condemn the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories by the aggressor state and introduce even tougher sanctions to suppress Putin’s deadly regime.”

The international community and governments around the world still need to be reached, they need to be stirred up and encouraged to act. And this requires certain specific steps, which the Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee proposed back on March 12 of this year, when the Address was made public.

Here is this simple and clear algorithm of actions:

1. Add your signature. Signatures are accumulated under the English text of the Appeal.

2. Share the Appeal as much as possible by means available to you — on your websites and blogs, in social networks, by e-mail, etc. Let your relatives, friends, colleagues add their signatures to the Appeal.

3. Translate the text of the Appeal into the language of your country of residence and publish it. Send a translation of the Appeal to the UWM Organizing Committee for posting on the website of the Ukrainian University Club.

4. Send the Appeal to your representative in the parliament of your country, the president, government, political parties and public organizations of your countryby e-mail (if you have one) or by regular mail, printing out the English text of the Appeal with signatures.

5. Use the demands expressed in the Appeal as appeals and slogans on posters during demonstrations, protests and other public events, translating them into the language of your country of residence.

6. Implementation of the demands expressed in the Appeal is our joint business, not a group of individuals. This is the work we all have to do nonstop until we win.

With the potential that the UWC supposedly possesses, presenting more than 20 (twenty!) million Ukrainians outside of Ukraine, from mid-March through direct mailing by electronic and regular mail, it was already possible to fill the offices of presidents and kings, governments, and parliamentarians of dozens of countries around the world with the text of the Appeal from with real signatures of real people — not only Ukrainians, but also representatives of almost all nations of the world, among whom at least one Ukrainian lives and works.

The signatures already collected under our Appeal have covered more than 30 (thirty) countries of the world, many of which, by the way, do not support Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression.

Here is the full list of these countries (the percentage of signatories from these countries is in parentheses): USA (39%), Ukraine (33%), Canada (9%), Great Britain (8%), Netherlands (2%), India (1.7 %), Poland (1.7%), Ireland (1.2%), Lithuania (1.2%), France (1.2%), Australia, Austria, Mexico, Germany, Singapore (0.9% each), Antarctica, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, Slovakia, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Finland, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Japan (total 7.2%). Among the signatories of the Appeal, as you can see, there is also a citizen of… Russia.

This list shows that both the Ukrainian state and the organized Ukrainian diaspora could achieve wider support for Ukraine from the countries of Asia, Africa, Central and South America, if their activists were engaged in serious things and if they properly supported the above-mentioned Appeal with their signatures and fulfilled the recommended actions UWM OC actions.

Pay attention to the statistics that show at what level people have added their signatures to the Appeal: doctors of science and professors (18%), business people (11%), journalists (8.5%), managers (6%), writers (6%) , engineers (5.5%), soldiers and military experts (3%), lawyers (3%), health care workers (3%), financiers (3%) and other educated and influential figures. These are primarily employees of universities and academic institutions (9%), leaders of non-governmental public organizations (7%), high-ranking officials in large private companies (4%), and others. (See ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL ZELENSKYY’S “VICTORY” AND UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE UNUSED POTENTIAL in Ukrainian.)

Collection of signatures for the Appeal continues. The initiators of the Appeal strongly advise the signatories to forward the text of the Appeal to the presidents, governments, and members of the parliaments of their countries of residence. The more politicians and government officials of the respective countries are inundated with the texts of the Appeal, the greater the chances that we will be heard and that an increasing number of countries will support Ukraine.

The UWC and its affiliated organizations could and still can do a lot for Ukraine. But in such a case, it would be appropriate to focus attention on the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and not on vanity, material gain or glittering orders.

The only question is whether this will reach the minds of the leaders of the UWC and its affiliated organizations, who imagine themselves to be representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, but only care about their own vested interests

UWC leaders with Petro and Maryna Poroshenko.

* * *

For a long time, I was skeptical of the statement of our analysts, who told me that president P. Poroshenko’s instructions to “suppress the active diaspora” are directly related to the diaspora organizations and their leaders, who were manipulated (literally) by corrupt government institutions and oligarchs in Ukraine. Indeed, the “nomenclature diaspora” since the declaration of independence of Ukraine easily found and finds a common language with government officials in Ukraine, about which I have written a lot (see: Ukrainians Worldwide — the Driving Force of Systemic Changes in Ukraine: Collection of articles and notes. — Washington, 2020. — 309 p. — in Ukrainian).

I did not believe and did not want to believe that Ukrainian diaspora organizations in Western countries, and UWC above all, could and would play a destructive role and that it was they who would push Kyiv’s idea of “suppress the active diaspora”, the implementation of which enabled them to monopolize influence on the Ukrainian diaspora as a whole and to act on behalf of the Ukrainian diaspora, although the diaspora practically nowhere and never granted them such powers.

In this context, it becomes clear why, after Ukraine gained independence, quite massive and active diaspora organizations appeared in the United States at one time, whose members did not join the ranks of the UCCA (no one knows how many members this organization has), whose leaders suddenly spoke on behalf of the entire Ukrainian communities in the United States.

At the beginning of this year, I published an article “The fish rots from the head” on the UWC CC leadership crisis. It is, in particular, about the connection of the UWC president P. Grod with Russian and pro-Russian figures in Ukraine. My readers obviously also remember the publications about the ban of Ukrainian organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The large-scale war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, the mass protests against the mobilization that are rolling across Russia, did not show any reaction to the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, as well as participation in the protests by Ukrainians in Russia. And this despite the fact that Russia is home to the largest Ukrainian diaspora and an even larger number of autochthonous Ukrainian population.

You can, of course, nod to the Kremlin’s ban on any activity of Ukrainian organizations and cultural centers on the territory of the Russian Federation. But the number of Ukrainians in Russia is large enough for hundreds and thousands of brave people to stand up for Ukraine among them, and they are probably in a partisan movement associated with I. Ponomarev, an opposition politician to Putin.

My readers probably did not notice one very interesting fact: the UWC headed by Mr. Grod did not show any concern for the fate of Ukrainians in Russia either after the Russian invasion of Ukraine or in connection with the protests against Putin’s mobilization. Why? Everything is very simple: at a time when Ukrainian organizations in Russia were fighting for their right to exist, the UWC headed by Grod washed his hands and refused to support that struggle — supposedly in order to protect Russian Ukrainians from persecution.

In fact, Grod did not want the Kremlin to consider UWC as a foreign agent and, apparently, for the same reasons, UWC stopped working with Russian Ukrainians and did not begin to protect the rights of Russian Ukrainians at the international level, that is, outside of Russia. One can only guess how many silver coins this gentleman received from the Russians for betraying the Ukrainians, who now harshly criticizes Russia as an aggressor, but never mentions the Russian Ukrainians betrayed by him.

It is noteworthy that nine months after the publication of my article “The fish rots from the head” and numerous questions to him in social networks, P. Grod did not even try to explain and clarify the story with M. Kupriyanova, did not try to justify or deny the claims made against him and, of course, did not sue anyone… So, everything is an irrefutable truth. But, for everything, Grod has no remorse: as if nothing had happened, he records videos and appears on TV screens, and does not even blush. Thick-skinned, used to…

Paul Grod (left) and Andriy Futey (right)

In this context, I am surprised that the president of the UCCA A. Futey, probably knowing or at least guessing about P. Grod’s dubious or indecipherable connections, remains his right-hand man, travels with him to Ukraine, gladly takes pictures with him and provides him with full support. Should Mr. Futey be perceived as Grod’s full partner in unrighteous actions and deeds?

If this is so, then I have serious questions for his father — a retired federal judge Bohdan Futey, with whom we once were working on the third edition of the draft Constitution of Ukraine and in the Ukrainian Lawyers World Congress (ULWC) and who for three decades was an example of uncompromisingness, honesty and decency for me.

* * *

…There will surely be those (there will be many of them, and the first of them may be the persons mentioned above) who will rush to accuse me of trying to create discord, to split Ukrainians Worldwide at such a difficult time for Ukraine, when we must all unite to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression. Flag in their hands!

Of course, in order for Ukraine to win this war, we need to unite in a united front for the defense of Ukraine. But war is such a thing that shows the virtues of each of us and contributes to the purification, first of all, of those who pretend to help, but in fact hinder the victory of Ukraine. It was the aggression of the Russian Federation that revealed all the rottenness of such organizations as the UWC and their leaders.

More than a hundred years ago, at the time of the struggle for Ukraine’s independence, Simon Petlyura wrote that we are afraid not so much of Russian lice as of Ukrainian nits. The latter are precisely what prevent Ukrainians from uniting around our common cause — protecting Ukraine and building a successful Ukrainian state.

Volodymyr Ivanenko, Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizational Committee

October 2–3, 2022

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