May 23, 2022


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This Appeal was initiated by Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee. If you would like to add your signature to this Appeal, please send your first and last name with brief information about yourself to our e-mail address —, and we will add your name. We deliberately do not use the signature generators offered on the Internet. We ask for the maximum possible sharing.

Someone wrote in comments on social media: “This appeal must to be on front page. Thank you for your work!”

Appeal by representatives of Ukrainians Worldwide and Peoples all over the world who support Ukraine and Ukrainians in their war against Russian aggressor

Russian Federation “special operation” against Ukraine, initiated by the Kremlin dictator, approved by Russian legislature and supported by a large part of Russian elite, has acquired indisputable signs of total terror against Ukraine and Ukrainian people. Moscow repeatedly resorted to this method of “pacifying” Ukraine and Ukrainians in the seventeenth and twentieth centuries. This gives ample reason to officially declare Russia a terrorist state.

We, representatives of Ukrainians Worldwide Movement and peoples from other countries who support Ukraine and Ukrainians in their war against Russian aggressor, DEMAND:

From the President, Verkhovna Rada and the Government of Ukraine:

— to officially declare the Russian Federation a terrorist state;

— not to enter into any negotiations with the aggressor until the last Russian soldier leaves the territory of sovereign Ukraine;

— after that, negotiations with Moscow can be held only on the procedure for compensation for damages caused to Ukraine and Ukrainians by this and other aggressions;

— to initiate a criminal case by Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his inner circle for organizing the above-mentioned “special operation” and declaring them internationally wanted, or even outlawing them;

— demand the expulsion of the Russian Federation from the UN.

From presidents, legislatures and governments of countries that are aware of the Kremlin regime terrorist nature and support Ukraine and Ukrainians in their resistance to Russian aggression:

— to officially recognize Russian Federation as a terrorist state and take all possible measures to completely isolate Russia from the world;

— initiate the exclusion of Russia from the UN as a terrorist state that does not comply with the UN Charter;

— immediately provide direct and effective assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians in accordance with the requests of the President and the Government with arms and funds without any delay: by resisting Russian aggression, Ukraine and Ukrainians defend your freedom;

— consider the politicians and government officials of your countries who continue expressing their concerns, delays or sabotage of the assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainians to be consciously or unconsciously on the side of the terrorist state and take appropriate measures against them;

— do not overestimate the power of Russian armed forces, which are defeated by smaller and weaker militarily, but stronger in spirit and motivation Armed Forces of Ukraine;

— stop being afraid of threats and blackmail from the Kremlin, which respects only force and principle;

— support and stimulate the national liberation movements of the peoples enslaved by the Russian Empire.

From the UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, WTO, etc .:

— deprive the Russian Federation of membership in your organization as a terrorist state that commits crimes against humanity, commits genocide, kills children, destroys historical and cultural monuments, violates human rights, etc .;

— call on the governments of the member countries to refrain from cooperating with Russia as a terrorist state.

The Appeal was signed by:

Volodymyr Ivanenko, Prof., Dr., Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee Chairman, Ukrainian University Club President (Washington, United States)

Lada L. Roslycky, LLM, PhD, Founder and Managing Partner, Black Trident Defense & Security Consulting Group (Canada)

Oleksander Cherkas, Ph.D., MPA, MPM, Academician of Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences (Ukraine)

Tetyana Shea, President, People of Ukraine Foundation (United States)

Volodymyr Sadivnychyi, Doctor in Social Communications, Sumy State University, Journalism & Philology Department Head (Sumy, Ukraine)

Olha Samoilenko, Self-employed (Maryland, United States)

Natalia Oganesyan, PhD, Sr. Director of Technical Operations
Deka Biosciences (Germantown, MD, United States)

Sofiya Derehuz (Sugar Hill, GA, United States)

Laura Pacholkiw, Ukrainian-American born and raised in Maryland (United States)

Ivan Avrutsky, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Program, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University (Detroit, MI, United States)

Sergiy Shovkoplyas, Editor-in-chief, AW-Therm (Ukraine)

Mykhaylo Dubov, Principal Scientist at Optoscribe Ltd (United Kingdom)

Alisa Moldavanova, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Wayne State University (Detroit, MI, United States)

Yuliana Pidhaina, IT Ptoject manager (Ukraine)

Nataliya Turchyn, PhD, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University (United States)

Valentina Bosaya, born in Ukraine, leave in USA (United States)

Vladimir Khalimoskiy, born in Ukraine, leave in USA (United States)

Oleksandr Kravchuk
(Washington, DC, United States)

Oleg Stupak (Maryland, United States)

Jennifer Ustynoski
(Washington, DC, United States)

Victoria Klinger, Ukrainian immigrant in USA, born and raised in Ukraine (United States)

Nelya Ivanidze, (Bacoli, Italy)

Zoya Zahorodnya, Ukrainian journalist (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Iryna Parubchenko (Cherkasy, Ukraine)

Dr. Ronald C. Carlson, Retired, Research Associate, The Catholic University of America (United States)

Cheryl A. Madden, Order of Princess Olha, Holodomor historian (United States)

Vasili Ghlonti, Intelligence officer in past, now expert of international security (Georgia)

Iryna Poddiacha, born and raised in Ukraine (United States)

Valentyn Buhrym, Academic, Doctor of Philosophy, Writer, Ambassador to Peace (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Borys Skoropadsky, the grandson of Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Dr. Petro Deminskyi, Senior Process Engineer IIASM Microchemistry Oy (Helsinki, Finland)

Elena Anfimova, M&A Adviser, Crelia Capital (New York, United States)

Andrii Khytryi, PhD, National Antarctic Scientific Center, (Ukrainian Antarctic Station “Akademik Vernadsky”, Antarctica)

Arnaud Contival, Founder and CEO AI&data, Founder and CEO Datakili, President Turing Club French association of data and AI companies Communication for association of Ukrainians living (France)

David Austin, British Citizen living in Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Osyp Loboda, Radio Journalist (Uzhgorod, Ukraine)

Ivan Jackanin, Ukrainian Writers Union of Slovakia Chairman, Dukla Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Ukrainian Writer, Translator, Journalist (Slovakia)

Vladyslav Slipenko, Appraiser (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Gregor Razumovsky, Cossack-hood Historian (Vienna, Austria)

Yulia Kosarenko, consultant, professor, speaker and author (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Natalia Ostashevska, PR professional, Mother of two, Housewife, Volunteer (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Liubov Dolyk, Writer, Volunteer (Ukraine)

Maria Kniaz (Ukraine)

Lubomyr Y Luciuk, Professor, Royal Military College of Canada (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Olha Rakhmanova, Volunteer (United States)

Oleh Wolowyna, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States)

Olha Ishchuk, Lawyer and Masseur-Rehabilitologist (Poland)

Brendan Murphy, International Management Consultant and Director of Ukraine Finance (Ireland)

Yelena Romanova (Olney, Maryland, United States)

Yelena Aleksandrova (Montreal, Canada)

Matt Dykstra, Tech Specialist and Showit Expert (South Carolina, United States)

Valentina Stelmach, Podillia Tovtry National Park Deputy Director (Ukraine)

Zinoviy Huzar, NGO Association Our Movement Chairman (Lviv, Ukraine)

Elena Sharek, Self Employed (Maryland, United States)

Viktor Zherdytskyi, Politician, Banker, Co-coordinator of “Social System” Civic Initiative (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Caleb Yang, Software Developer, IT Consultancy services (Singapore)

Nilufar Rakhmanova, Health Services (Novaya Bukhara, Uzbekistan)

Ivanna Hereha, Artist of the Song and Dance Ensemble “Hutsuliya”, Vocal teacher (Ukraine)

William Vasyl Pawlowsky, B.A.; M.A.; M.L.I.S., Associate Academic Director at Musitechnic (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Andriy Popov, Country Manager at Kramp (Ukraine)

Alina Ponomarenko, Tax Accountant (Arlington, Virginia, United States)

Olga D. Carlson, PhD, Retired from NIA/NIH (Lanham, Maryland, United States)

Oksana Yankova (Arlington, Virginia, United States)

Nataliya Tymoshenko, Ice skating coach (Reston, Virginia, United States)

Andrei Piontkovsky, Scientist and Political Writer and Analyst, a member of International PEN Club (Russia)

Marharyta Kyrylova, Biology research technician (Montgomery, Maryland, United States)

Dr Galyna Kogut, PhD in Applied Linguistics, Researcher, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Michael McVicker, Attorney, Law Office of Michael McVicker (Reston, Virginia, United States)

Mariia Kazanova (Centreville, Virginia, United States)

George Vyshnya, CTO/Co-founder, Aistra Biz (Ukraine)

Mykola Riabchuk, Writer and Journalist (Kyiv, Ukraine)

David Pankiw, Partner, CUBIC Advisors, LLC (Venice, Florida United States)

Kateryna Ponomarova, Architecture Student (Maryland, United States)

Svitlana Galata, Journalist at “Svit” (World) Newspaper (Kyiv, Ukraine)

David Austin, British Resident of Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Oleksandr Mykhailyuta, Journalist, Writer, Journalist of Ukraine Professional Association Chairman (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Marko Farion, DDS, Dentist, Bandurist, Opera Singer, CEO, Yucca Dental Center, PC
Chorister, Detroit Opera
Bandurist (Detroit, Michigan, United States)

Tristan Kenderdine, Future Risk, Australia and Hansa Press (Lviv, Ukraine)

Oleh Turczak, Retired capital projects director for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (New York, New York, United States)

Liudmyla Verdier, Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools (Alexandria, Virginia, United States)

Mariia Yanchyk (Ukraine)

Bogdan Gasyuk, University Student, Writer (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Kevin Henry, American rescuing refugees in Donbas (United States)

Robin Horsfall, Former SAS Soldier, Writer, Public Speaker (London, England, United Kingdom)

Paul Manandise, Singer, Songs Writer, Ukrainian Patriot of French Origin (Kyiv. Ukraine)

Olga Ruda,Editor of the Ukrainian People Magazine (Chicago, Illinois, United States)

Liudmyla Gordeladze, Retired (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Serhiy Moroz, Retired Military Officer, Oberig Podillya Charity Organisation Chairman of the Board (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine)

Nataliia Moroz, Economist (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine)

Yevheniya Tkachenko (Huston, Taxes, United States)

Andriy Galat Kiselyov, Deputy Head, National Security Information and Analytical Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Alona Krainiuk, Housewife (Arlington, Virginia, United States)

Ivan Moseyko, CPA, MBA (Rockville, Maryland, United States)

Koji Kuniya, Ukrainian Studies Association of Japan (Japan)

Irena Yarosevych, WFUWO Main Representative, United Nations DGC/NGO (New York, New York, United States)

Nataliia Bailiuk, PhD, Associate Professor at Odesa Polytechnic State University (Odesa, Ukraine)

Evguenia Kroupko, Retired IT Professional (Delray Beach, Florida, United States)

Oleksandr Sopronyuk, Writer, Journalist, “Slovo” (Word) Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Ukrainian Writers Association (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Yurii Fedas, Translator and Interpreter (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Halyna Sum, Housings Assistant at NYCHA (New York, New York, United States)

Mariya Teplytska, Lawyer (Missouri, United States)

Vasyl Popadiuk, Ukrainian Canadian Musician, Violinist-virtuoso (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Volodymyr Pushkarev, Prof., Dr., Leading Researcher, Institute of Endocrinology (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Marko Starushko, Philosophy, Academic, Researcher, Publicist (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lioudmila Kolokolova, PHD, Physicist, University of Maryland faculty (University Park, Maryland, United States)

Anastasiia Kolokolova, Student, University of Maryland (University Park, Maryland, United States)

George Sajewych, Broadcast Journalist, Voice of America, Retired; Interpreter, translator; Maidanivets, Member of Company 27, Self Defense of Maidan; Member of Hospitallers Medical Battalion (Silver Spring, Maryland, United States & Kyiv, Ukraine)

Lubov Garazhiy, Journalist, Tavriya Foundation OVUD Chairman of the Board (Kherson, Ukraine)

Svitlana Chukut, Prof., Dr., National Technical University Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnical Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Petro Olar, Movie Producer, Writer, Journalist, Ukrainian Wave from Europe FM & Internet Radio, Internarium TV (Lithuania)

Nadiia Savchenko, Public Sector Consultant (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)

Daniel Dzikewicz, CEO, Takamel Corporation (Whitby, Ontario, Canada)

Anastasiia Gavryliuk, Director of International Relations & Senior Analyst, Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Yaroslav Olach, Founder & Chairmen, World Ukrainian Business-Economical Fund, Inc. (New York, New York, United States)

Daiva Grigelyte (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Mariya Lehka (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Mira Rubin, President, House of Ukraine: A Ukrainian Cultural Center (San Diego, California, United States)

Jorge de Queiroz, Project Manager, Entrepreneurial & Creative Executive, Project Leader financial FCP (Bordeaux, France)

Warren Detsinyi Sr, Freelance Copywriter, Financial Services (Westminster, England, United Kingdom)

Natalia Saidoglu, PhD., Space Systems Architect, Stellar Solutions Inc., former NASA/ JPL (Virginia, United States)

Daniella Datskovska, Consultant, Manager (Vienna, Virginia, United States)

Eric Beneke, Executive Sales Engineer, Print and Packaging (Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa)

Genine Bradley, Nurse, Volunteer for Ukrainian Efforts charity (Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States)

Sunil Kumar, Translation Valley (KalkaJi, New Delhi, India)

Olesia Kavulych, Nurse (Woodbridge, Virginia, United States)

Gene Panasenko, Financial Advisor (New York, New York, United States)

Maria Chychula, Former Radio/TV Moderator (Chicago, Illinos, United States)

Vadim Vitkovskyi, Writer, Journalist, Chairman, Vinnytsya Regional Organization of Ukraine National Writers Union, My Vinnytsya Municipal Publishing House Executive Director, Honorary Journalist of Ukraine (Vinnytsya, Ukraine)

Alex Feldman, Senior Cloud Operations Engeener, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Petro Perebyinis, Writer, Taras Shevchenko National Award of Ukraine Laureate, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

More signatures are being processed…

If you would like to add your signature to this Appeal, please send your first and last name with brief information about yourself to our e-mail address —, and we will add your name. We deliberately do not use the signature generators offered on the Internet. We ask for the maximum possible sharing.

Звернення представників світового українства й народів, які підтримують Україну й українців у їхній справедливій війні проти російського аґресора
Обращение представителей мирового украинства и народов, поддерживающих Украину и украинцев в их справедливой войне против российского агрессора

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