February 8, 2023


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The Washington Post and The Guardian informed that foreign nations nuclear defense document was found in Donald Trump’s trove.

Which country’s defense capabilities, including information about its nuclear capacity, was in the documents found by the FBI hasn’t been revealed. But the discovery appears to justify fears that the papers stored at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence could be a national security risk — a fear held even by former allies like Attorney General William Barr. It’s unlikely the full scope of the documents can ever be revealed: Some are classified at such a high level that even senior national security officials are barred from perusing them, except on a need-to-know basis as determined by the president or Cabinet-level officials.

A completely logical question arises: why did Trump, leaving the White House, take with him a bunch of documents of various degrees of secrecy, in particular, this one, obviously, top secret? A person who has access to state secrets and who takes classified documents outside the place of their use is completely irresponsible or does it deliberately with a specific purpose.

Trump is known for his irresponsible or reckless actions both as a businessman and as a president.

The same Trump as a businessman is connected by dirty deeds with Russian, which started a full-scale war against Ukraine, and as a president he considered Putin “a good guy” who “takes a good care of his country” and considered Crimea to be Russian.

Based on these readings, we can only guess how Trump could dispose of this document…

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