June 7, 2023


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Information on Helping Ukrainian Refugees

The US government has introduced two new programs to help Ukrainians fleeing the
brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

1. Uniting for Ukraine — U4U — this program allows any U.S. individual or organization (private or non-profit) to sponsor Ukrainians who are outside
of the United States. It requires filling out two forms, one about the Ukrainians being sponsored and one about the U.S. sponsor. The sponsor has to show that they can cover accommodations and financial support for the refugees over two years. The Ukrainians will get work authorization
and be eligible for various govt assistance.

For more information on U4U please visit https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/uniting-for-ukraine

2. Temporary Protected Status — TPS — provides two year temporary residence in the United States plus work authorization for any Ukrainian
citizen who was already in the United States prior to April 11, 2022. TPS (which has been extended in the past to refugees from other countries) has
and can be renewed. The application should be made by the Ukrainian who is seeking the TPS. https://www.uscis.gov/i-821

People in the United States could assist these Ukrainians by offering them housing.

Ukrainians entering in other ways. In addition to Ukrainians who arrive under U4U or who are applying for TPS, there are Ukrainians who have multi-entry visitor visas which they have used to enter the United States since the invasion began. This visa allows them to stay up to six months. They probably have family in the United States but may be seeking housing
assistance, since in many cases the family member they are visiting has limited accommodations.

Also, some 5,000 Ukrainians crossed into the United States at the Mexico-US border in March and April and were given legal temporary status (humanitarian parole). Since the introduction of U4U this is no longer an entry channel available to Ukrainians.
https://www.borderreport.com/hot-topics/immigration/u-s-to-welcome-ukraine-refugees-but-no-longer-through-mexico/. These Ukrainians, may also be seeking housing assistance.

Housing Assistance. These two websites match Ukrainians who are seeking housing with those offering housing (short term or longer term): https://www.ukrainetakeshelter.com/ or — in Ukrainian https://prykhystok.in.ua

Other Ways to Help. The United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC), a social services organization established in 1944 and based in Philadelphia, is coordinating and updating national information on various ways to welcome Ukrainian refugees to America.

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