June 9, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network

«Our event was a success», Ed Skibicki, the event organizer, claims.

The event was expected to gather at least 25,000 participants

April 30th:

Had a rough go last night. My beautiful dog Molly passed away. It’s tough, but there is important work to do this weekend.

We will be meeting at the SE part of the Ellipse (South Lawn White House) at noon on Sunday. We’ll march to the World War II Memorial at 12:30.

I would appreciate that everybody keep their signs clear of vulgarity. There are many things I would love to say and do to that evil SOB Putin, but I want us to come across as first class as there are many eyes watching us, including children.

Have already been contacted by Reuters, and several other media organizations will be present.

1,200 people got interested or were preparing to attend the event

Please make signs reflecting the following phrases, which are the core messages we want America and our political leadership to hear and see:

— Arm Ukraine Fully

— Defeat Russa Militarily

— Restore pre-2014 Border

— Provide Zelensky Everything he Needs

— Secure Nuclear Power Plants

— Naval Blockade of Black Sea

— President Biden to Kyiv

— USA Wants Ukraine to Win the War

— Support Ukraine Unify America

The actual number of participants in the event

May 1st:

Our event was a success. Got drenched but got a chance to get the message out to major media. I want to thank everyone who supported and/or participated in it.

We are just getting started!

I need everyone to talk to their local media and gather volunteers to come back to DC in droves!

God bless you all!

Ed Skibicki


Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee (UWM OC) decided to support this initiative and suggested that demands listed in the APPEAL BY REPRESENTATIVES OF UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE & PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSOR to be used during this event on posters of those participating in the demonstration.

Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network (UWIN) became an information sponsor of this event and asked that information about this event preparation to be forwarded to the following email address — ukrainainc@gmail.com, so, it would be published on UWIN website.


The following is the UWM OC Chairman and UWIN Publisher Volodymyr Ivanenko with the the Event organizer Ed Skibicki:

E. S.: Hello this is Ed Skibicki. Are you interested in helping me with my initiative #MayDay4Ukraine?

V. I.: Hi there! We are already helping you! 😊

E. S.: Ok that’s great, but it would be helpful for me to know what you are doing, and also to advise you on what we need help with.

V. I.: What we are doing:

  1. Your information is posted on UWIN website (ukrainainc.net) and shared on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter).
  2. As an information sponsor of the event we will continue to do so. Please, provide updates on time.
  3. We suggest that our Appeal becomes a part of this event. Please, feel free to use demands from it as slogans.
    By the way, I will appreciate if you add your signature.
  4. We’ll see what and how we can do more…
    Please, be advised that our Organizing Committee is very busy coordinating event around the World.

E. S.: Can you spell your name for me do I can as a contact? Can you also tell me more about yourself and your background? Thanks

V. I.: Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko. [As a background information, E. S. got links to website affiliated with V. I.] On these sites you will find everything you need to know.

Ed Skibicki showed no reaction. A reminder was texted to him:

V. I.: Hi there! I am worrying that you give me no reaction on the Appeal. Could you, please, add your signature to the Appeal? It looks like you are asking for help but are not willing to cooperate. This is strange…

E. S.: I clicked the link, didn’t see anything for me to do, sorry extremely busy planning May 1st.

V. I.: All you have to do is to send an email with your name and short introduction.
This Appeal has to be the center of May 1st. Or you just want to have a senseless show up?

E. S.: Please, I don’t need insults. I have my own game plan, and I haven’t asked you specifically for anything. Have a good night, anything you want to do to help me is appreciated, but I don’t want to be harassed either.

V. I.: Your previous event was just a show. If then you could afford to show off, now the circumstances are completely different. There is a full-scale war. And to repeat the nonsense of UWC, UCCA, and other organizations is to discredit the Ukrainian cause.

E. S.: You need to brush up on your people skills. I asked you to stop insulting me and you do it again. I have my own list of demands, and they are to our US President and Congress only. That’s why the gathering is in Washington. Who do you think you are dictating to me as the organizer what this should be? You didn’t even bother consulting me at all and then you demand repeatedly that I sign it? Sorry, not how this is going to work. I am doing what I feel is needed to put pressure on American government to do more to help end the war and save lives. If you don’t agree, fine, but I won’t have something shoved down my throat.

V. I.: Wow!!! 🤩

Apparently, Dr. V. Ivanenko was not the only one with whom the self-confident E. Skibicki was so rude.

There is another interesting situation connected with this event. Holding the position of vice president in a large investment bank, E. Skibicki stated in one of the first reports about the event that he has funds for the organization and holding of the event. However, later he began asking potential participants for donations to advertise the event in social media. It is unknown at this time how much was raised.

The last but not least. On April 18th, E. Skibicki shared to following post on Facebook:

“We’ve all seen the horrible pictures and videos of what Russians have done to Ukrainians. It’s a #ukrainiangenocide.

It’s high time we all did something about it. Our government has done a lot but we need to do more. If you agree, please come to Washington. We have a flier – PM me and I’ll email it to you.

Print it out. Put it up in local businesses, send it to your clergy, email it to your friends and family. If on Facebook share the event, show interest and invite your friends using the tool.

We are demanding that:

1) President Zelensky gets everything he needs to defeat the Russians and restore the pre-2014 Ukrainian borders

2) Peacekeeping forces to secure all 15 nuclear power plants in Ukraine

3) A naval blockade of the Black Sea

4) A visit by President Biden to Kyiv to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people

5) A firm, definitive statement by President Biden stating that indeed, America wants Ukraine to not only put up a “good fight”, but to defeat evil Russia completely and win the war. Negotiation is not possible as Ukrainians not willing to have all the murdered citizens deaths be in vain.

We need people to reach out to local media. We can teach how to do it. We need people to organize buses in their towns, and if not enough interest, carpool with other interested Americans.

This needs to be done both inside and outside the Ukrainian diaspora.

Ukrainians fight not only for themselves, but for all of us.

We need to to to Washington to #STANDforUkraine #occupynationalmall4ukraine #mayday4ukraine #letschangetheworld

It’s easy to open the link to the APPEAL BY REPRESENTATIVES OF UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE & PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSOR and compare demands offered by E. Skibicki with demands by Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee.

E. Skibicki was looking for friends in Russian “In Contact”

Now we can see how personal ambitions of some self-confident people “help” the Ukrainian cause. Eight years ago, the man decided to create a private (sic!) Facebook group “1,000,000 people around the world in support of Ukraine’s fight for freedom”, claimed itself as “biggest Ukrainian support group on Facebook“. Within years of its existence, the group has gathered 52,687 members. The current event planned to gather more than 25,000 participants, but actually gathered a couple of dozen. The mountain gave birth to a mouse.

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