September 26, 2023


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Time for Zelensky to start his own offensive?

The Battle for Ukraine is resuming. Recent reports indicate that the Russians are making probing attacks to test Ukrainian defences. So far the Russians have walked into competent defences everywhere making it difficult for Dvornikov to decide his main axis of attack.

Former US Generals think he will attempt a pincer movement from north and south to seal off the east of the country and cut off a huge part of the Ukrainian army. This looks simple on a map but as soon as either Russian army moves they expose their western flanks and supply lines. The alternative is a frontal attack from the east driving straight into the Ukrainian defence in depth.

Dvornikov has not had enough time to fully prepare his counter offensive but reports indicate that Putin is pressuring him to get results before May 9th.

Whatever Russia does it might be time for Zelensky to start his own offensive. The South from Odessa seems to be a suitable place to try to roll up Dvornikov’s southern front. He cannot sit and defend forever. If the Crimea Bridge can be destroyed it would weaken the supply lines to the south dramatically and even seal off the Sea of Asov.

Meanwhile Dvornikov continues to use his long range artillery to hit the civilian population. The Russian guns have more range than Ukrainian artillery so cannot be threatened by counter artillery fire. The only way to defend against this is air power which seems to be be held in reserve right now, perhaps for a more crucial time.

The next battle hasn’t truly started yet.

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall

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