June 9, 2023


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We are glad to share good news — 100 tons of humanitarian aid for Ukraine was shipped April 12th on a Boeing 747 plane. The plane was fully loaded with critical and essential supplies. This special delivery was organized by Meest-America, Embassy of Ukraine in the USA/Посольство України в США, and Consulate General of Ukraine in New York.

Medical supplies, dry food, and body bags were donated by NYC Mayor’s Office, UNWLA/Ukrainian National Women’s League of America, Inc., New Jersey Hospital Association, Razom for Ukraine, Revived Soldiers Ukraine, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Afya Foundation and the Ukrainian Federation of America.

The following organizations are just a few of dozens who will receive this aid: Ministry of Health in Ukraine, International Charitable Foundation “Meest”, Lviv Humanitarian Aid Headquarters, Kyiv Metropolitan Epiphanius, Razom for Ukraine, Church of Hosanna in Rivne, Regional Hospital in Rivne, and Children’s Hospital in Dnipro.

We have faith we will rebuild Ukraine together, and thank everyone who worked so hard to make this huge shipment possible! Special thanks to Help Heroes Of Ukraine for providing trucking services to deliver the aid to our warehouse in Port Reading, NJ.

Natalia Brandafi

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