June 7, 2023


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Two happy faces. Who are they?
From the left — Lavrov (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation). Here are some of his comments after Russia started the war against Ukraine:

  1. “No one is going to attack the people of Ukraine..” Lavrov said
  2. “Russia did not attack Ukraine” Lavrov said.
  3. “No strikes are being made on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine..” Lavrov said.
    Lie, lie, covered by another lie.

From the right — Peter Maurer (President of the Red Cross), who just recently visited Russia.

Up till today, I was the last person who was against International Red Cross. Supported donations to it. Reason — support convoy of 11 trucks organized by the Finnish Red Cross for Ukraine. Weighs: 200 tons. Contained: e.g. medical supplies, various humanitarian help. Reached Ukraine: 16/03/22.

But my opinion changed after news that just recently appeared today. Breaking news. “Red cross seeks to open an office near Russia-Ukraine border”. Office in the Russian city Rostov-on-Don. What a shame!

Pre-story in short:

  1. Russia started a war against Ukraine. We all know that.
  2. This is not only war, that is genocide of Ukrainian nation so called “denazification” by Russian representatives. No doubts it will be proven in the International Court.
  3. The fact of war is clear for everyone but not for Peter Maurer (President of @ICRC ), not for Russian friends, and not for Russia, of course.
  4. Peter Maurer calls the war that Russia started in Ukraine, how is it..” humanitarian issue”. Shame.
  5. Red Cross forbidden “Red Cross” sign usage by evacuation vehicle transporting Ukrainians out of cities under the Russian siege, cities that are heavily bombing by Russian army, Mariupol, in particularly. Shame!

And now that! Office in Russia!

To summarize, people from all over the world donated and still donating money to Red Cross specifically for Ukraine, Ukrainians. Money for Ukrainians who became refugees, homeless, injured because of Russia, Red Cross International is going to use for office in Rostov-on-Don. They claim those will be used for Ukrainians. Ukrainians that are forcibly taken hostage by Russia, deported from shelded cities by Russia army to Russia, and who get disappear there in Russia..

Is that a bad joke Peter Maurer, is that a bad joke International Committee of the Red Cross — ICRC?

In such circumstances, I should ask all my friends and friends of my friends Do NOT to donate to Red Cross International until they change their behavior. Russia – is not a place for Ukrainian people. It is a prison, concentration camp for Ukrainians.

Petro Deminskyi

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