September 24, 2023


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Russians bombed the maternity house in Mariupol and justified this bloody act by myth of Azov, that “was hiding inside the building”. Propaganda cannot change the reality, so inside that maternity house were women in labour and new mothers.

When pictures of injured pregnant women flew round the world, Russian propaganda said that the photos were staged.

Who did that bombing? May be Putin? No, Putin is under the ground, in a bunker. It was done by average Russians, that are killing vulnerable civilians.

Today, Russians destroyed Drama Theatre in Mariupol. And -yes! – justified that by Azov, that are hiding somewhere inside the building. Yes, there is a propaganda-influenced myth about a battalion of Nazis “Azov”, evil-in-flesh. Noticeable that in this “nazi-edition” Azov exists only in Putin’s imagination. And in imagination of some people that are far away from Ukrainian reality, but much closer to RT and other propagandist mass-media.

But the truths is that inside the Drama theater there was a bomb shelter for a hundreds and hundreds of people. There is an information about 1500 women and children. For now, first responders just cannot reach people to find if somebody is still alive under the ruins…

What is evil? Is what is going on right now in Ukraine a responsibility of only one person – Putin? How about those, who killed a little boy that was trying to catch his terrified by shelling cat? How about those, who killed 10 people that were standing in line for bread (Chernihiv)? How about 1500 civilians under the ruins of Drama Theatre?.. If we consider that a human being has a will, this tiny moment between horrific order and execution of the order – than we have to admit a responsibility of Russians that came to Ukrainian land and cause genocide of Ukrainians. Right now. Yes, right now, in 21 cent. Putin is one of millions of perpetrators. Not the only one.

There is a game for little kids: “chik-chirik I’m inside the house”. Saying this, children cover their heads with hands folded in the shape of a roof. This is a universal defensive gesture in this game, which protects against any “disaster”.

But will this child’s gesture protect from the maniac with an axe? Children believe that yes, but we know, that there is no chance…

In front and behind the Drama Theater in Mariupol, someone wrote in capital letters the word “CHILDREN” in the language of the occupier. Folding arms in the shape of a roof over a head. They had a strong belief in the magic of this gesture, in the magic of the word “children”. After all, during the war you have to hold on to something. Why not hold on to the imaginary humanity of the occupier?

The word “Children” became the target of an air strike. Russia is terrorizing Ukrainian people to force Ukraine to lose its subjectivity. Because for us the value of human life is paramount. That is why their method is to kill children to achieve imperial goals.

Remember, these deaths of civilians, of children have no other purpose – just to restore the USSR, with no Ukraine as a sovereign country. Children’s blood is on the hands of the russians because they want to reanimate the monster of the past – Soviet Union.

1500 people were in that shelter inside the Drama theater.

UPD. Thanks God, there is an information about survivors after this attack. In any case, that in no way diminishes horrors of the act of targeted bombing of children in the shelter.

Nastya Melnychenko

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