September 26, 2023


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Thoughts from Kyiv on American media – afternoon March 14

There’s an obvious disconnect between information that Ukrainians have on the ground, and what is being presented by the western media.

Right now FoxNews is talking about an “inevitable” Russian advance on Kyiv.

CNN has the “Russian assault” intensifying.

A BBC headline says “Ukraine’s battered cities are digging mass graves”.

CBC claims “Situation on the ground in Ukraine is nothing short of a nightmare”.

Now reality: Russia is bombing our cities. Putin is directly targeting civilian infrastructure in order to cause a humanitarian crisis that will improve his hand in future “peace” negotiations. Many civilians have tragically perished in Russia’s onslaught – particularly in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv. Many women and children have fled the most affected areas to the western region and to other countries…

However! The Russians are NOT poised to attack Kyiv!!!

Russia’s ground troops are demoralized, poorly supplied, and generally stuck. There is no “Russian advance” on Kyiv, nor any “Russian assault” on the capital. Russian forces have been halted in the northwest and west for over a week. Their forces have tried to advance from the northeast, so far with no success. They have absolutely no chance of surrounding Kyiv in the foreseeable future.

If they try, they will be stopped just as their predecessors were, and we will again have thousands of dead Russians fertilizing Ukraine’s already black earth.

Ukraine’s capital is extremely well defended. Anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses are operating effectively (though not 100%), as seen by today’s downing of a Russian missile in the Kurenivka district (video widely available). Tragically a trolleybus was destroyed, and a civilian was killed in that incident, but if the missile had struck its target many more would have perished. Other missiles made it through the air defenses and destroyed several apartment buildings.

All of these are tragic stories of war, but they do not mean Ukraine is losing!

In Kyiv, territorial Defenses have established checkpoints everywhere. Weapons and ammunition have been distributed. Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are well equipped, motivated, and organized.

My friends! We are fighting a war! War is tragic. People die.

But war is also a contest. And right now Ukraine is WINNING!

That message needs to be heard because military help will only be provided if there is a prospect of its going to the winning side. No one wants to help a loser…

We need help in the sky to stop missiles and bombs raining on our heads. But on the ground, the enemy has no chance. Russian occupation of Kyiv would require them to control both the ground and the sky. It would also require acquiescence (or collaboration) on the part of the population. That ain’t happening. Just look at what’s happening in Kherson…

As a matter of course, I will again repeat what I have written many times: Cover our skies!

Ukrainians will take care of the dilapidated Russian forces on the ground, but we need your help to protect our cities from airstrikes and missiles.

Don’t be hostage to the Russian Terrorist! He seeks to frighten you with his nukes while he bullies us. As long as you acquiesce to his idle threats, he wins. As soon as you confront him, he will back off. The sooner you do so, the fewer people will die.

Sanctions against Russia will not end this war! They will reduce the strength of Putin’s war machine, and they will punish the Russian population, but that population will not revolt against Putin. They are too brainwashed by state media and atomized to launch an effective protest. A “palace coup” is possible, but highly unlikely. And sanctions will do nothing to provoke it.

Dear friends! Thank you for your public demonstrations of support. Thank you for your words, your money, your aid. Thank you for all the help you have provided.

But it is time to stop cheering from the sidelines.

Close our skies! We’ll take care of the rest.

Mychailo Wynnytskyj

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