June 7, 2023


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On Russians

Over the last 3 days considerable online propaganda seeking to separate Putin from Russians has been issued. Much of it from Russiaphillic and paid sources.

Lets be clear. Since he started this barbarism, Putin’s popularity increased 11% to 71%. Russians revel in this war and they know what’s going on. Not only do they have relatives in Ukraine but the devastating losses are communicated freely outside state control.

Somewhere in Russia

Russian people are, in general, aggressive in this war.

No one wants ethnic or racial hatred, and animosity is not to be encouraged. Simply the truth.

In my view individuals need to be understood by their own actions. But for now, Russians sporting wealth and luxury lifestyles are not to be facilitated, anymore than Russian products and services, as well as corporates paying taxes to Russia.

There”s also an increase in people seeking work who were making money in Russia until recently.

This is after the invasion of 2014.

These economic migrants from different countries were recently very proud of their Russian activities and Pro-Putin, admiring his strongman persona.

Given their mercenary interests and that there are many highly capable Ukrainian professionals, I would be disinclined to prioritise them. Seek Ukrainians who match the requirements first.

This position is my own. I see no basis for a hostile attitude to anyone other than those militarily or economically contributing to Russia, but mindfulness around Ukrainians is to be encouraged.

On the war

Now, on the war.

There is no question about atrocities and I’m glad my neighbours escaped Irpin, which is now 70% controlled by the local territorial defence and Ukraine military.


Yesterday a special operation cleared the Irpin forests of Russian and Belarusian Marines who were tasked to attack and kill.

A photo of the haul of equipment now being repurposed for Ukrainian military shows substantial losses by the enemy.

Parts of the Belarus and Russian armed forces have refused to enter into Ukraine, most especially Marines, who have see their comrades die.

Over the weekend, the focus of the Ukrainian military was to destroy supply chains and warehouses, with considerable success.

In reality, the damage is being done through bombing and missiles.

People are not being allowed bury loved ones and graves of women and children are created at the sides of roads and street corners, with roughly made markers. A young woman and her son are buried at the junction below where my house was.

My neighbours have escaped, either internally or to Poland.

Both Poland and Germany are at capacity for refugees and other countries such as France, Bulgaria and Spain will become greatly challenged now.

Refugees are being given temporary locations and will need to move.

My family is settling in. We bought clothes yesterday, since we had taken very few from Kyiv.

In general they are happier and Olivia is now her usual little girl, playful, imaginative, self.

Brendan Murphy

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