November 29, 2023


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Ukraine’s accession to NATO will cause a crisis in Russia. The Alliance’s official refusal can cause a crisis in Ukraine

Is Ukraine really facing an invasion by the Russian army? Why does Russia want NATO to officially forsake Ukraine? How is Russia’s aggression of 2014 different from today’s? How is the nature of the conflict changing and why can cyberattacks be more dangerous than military action?

These and other questions are answered by the director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Olexander Bohomolov in an interview with the head of the Center for Middle East Studies Ihor Semyvolos in interview published by

It looks like National Institute of Strategic Studies director is capable to consider Russian issues (Ukrainian question, NATO, etc.) on tactical level, but he is absolutely helpless on strategic level. He does not understand that the war between Russia and Ukraine (and the West) is not over spheres of influence, but that it is a civilizational war, or even a cultural war, and therefore a war for the survival of Muscovy as Russia.

Ukraine-Rus is a cornerstone for Muscovy, the foundation of Russia as an empire with a “millennial history” (although in fact this empire is only three hundred years old). Having lost this cornerstone or foundation, Russia loses its existential meaning and crumbles to pieces. Unfortunately, the West, which once helped Moscow create an imperial myth, does not understand this. Muscovy understands this, and therefore tries to use the West to achieve its goal. The threat of NATO enlargement is the last thing we can talk about, and bringing it to the fore is a manipulation.

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