September 24, 2023


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There is someone named Yuwei Yuan in China who positions himself as a speaker and an influencer, contributing his opinions to Reuters. Here is his profile introduction on LinkedIn:

Under one of posts of The Economist saying that “Vladimir Putin has already annexed Crimea and plunged Donbas into war. Now, he has amassed 100,000 troops at the Ukrainian border. Why can’t Russia leave Ukraine alone?” ( this guy left the following comment:

“Russia has no interests in Ukraine at all. The invasion of Ukraine is totally a lie invented by USA politicians, in order to cut North Stream pipeline, to threaten and control European energy market, and to weaken Russia and Europe economies. One stone two birds. “About half of the record U.S. LNG volumes shipped last month went to Europe, up from 37% earlier in 2021, data from Refinitiv and the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed.” What a COINCIDENCE that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine as NorthStream2 was about to run. Putin is that stupid enough to have Europe cut the North Stream 2 business at this perfect timing???, and very soon “U.S. LNG export terminals hit a record 13.1 billion cubic feet, highest demand in history.” The invasion of Uraine is totally a lie, at US politicians’ interests geopolitically and economically, potentially linked to innocent Ukrainian and Russian people’s blood, and European’s life – due to high inflation caused by skyrocketing energy prices. Btw the Ukraine war will be a good hedging for US economic loss due to the global reduction of CO2 trend — just the right timing!”

After reading this, you can understand why China is backing up Putin.

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