December 7, 2023


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In her interview for Stop.Corruption news platform Olena Litvinova Kutsai speaks about challengers developers face in Ukraine and how Business Ombudsman Council can help.
Since launch of operations our office received over hundred complaints capturing permitting delays, groundless site inspections, too much bureaucracy caused by the state architectural supervision authority. We hope the negative trend will change upon completion of the current reform in this sphere.

There are a lot of talking about fighting corruption in Ukraine, but so little has been done. They are unsuccessful because they they struggle with the consequences, not the causes. Moreover, they do not even want to delve into the essence of corruption in Ukraine, dig into its roots and destroy those roots. Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko has been writing about this for twenty-five years, but his publications remain a voice of shouting in the desert (see:
Системні зміни — перспектива для України: Збірка статей і нотаток. — Вашинґтон, 2020. — 393 с.).

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