December 7, 2023


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Germans and human rights activists are criticizing Ukrainians for their anger at German politician Nils Schmid’s Kremlin favourable proposal that Ukraine – with over 1.5 million internally displaced persons resulting from Russia’s war of aggression – take the migrants from Belarus.

German companies have evaded EU sanctions which prohibit doing business with Russia, helping Russia’s war on Ukraine. Germany partnered with Russia on the corrupt NordStream2 gas pipeline project to Ukraine’s economic and security detriment. Germany brokered a “peace deal” that will destroy Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Economic activity between Germany and Russia has INCREASED in the last two years – while Russia has continued to run torture and death camps in occupied Ukraine, where it also commits ethnocide and genocide.

Germans have done shit all by way of protesting the harm their country is doing to Ukraine and Ukrainians – the people they used as slave labour and murdered in Nazi concentration camps because they were “untermenschen”.

Germany has acted in Russia’s interests and against Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence in both minor and major ways. Germans have sat in silence or even supported some of these efforts – like NS2.

The “show some compassion to these migrants, you hateful Ukrainians” bullshit argument is detestable. How about you SHOW SOME COMPASSION AND CARE FOR UKRAINE.

Overall, my response to these Germans and “human rights activists” is just a big “FUCK YOU”. You are frauds playing a fake morality card against people who deserve support, not your pathetic “superior” derision.

Maybe, next time your pro-Russian government tells Ukraine not to “escalate” or “provoke” Russia when Moscow commits one of its countless war crimes and violations of international law against Ukraine, you could speak up for Ukrainians instead of your haughty silence.

Ariana Gic

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