December 7, 2023


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A few days ago, I got a warning from Facebook saying that my six words comment “RUSSIANS ARE SO STUPID & LAZY” under a post about something really STUPID in Russia’s reality “goes against Facebook community standards”. So, they made it invisible for users.

The very same time, I shared a post from a news website titled “THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO UKRAINIAN STUPIDITY”, and there was no problem with using the word STUPIDITY in my post, there was no breaking standards.

Interesting? You can’t use word STUPID or STUPIDITY in regards to the Russians, but it’s OK to use the very same word in regards to the Ukrainians.

It looks like Facebook is influenced by Russia/Russians, and this influence — not “Facebook community standards”! — is the reason for censoring whatever people say in social media like Facebook.

What especially amazes me as a writer in this situation is that the words “stupid” and “lazy” fall under the HATE category. Since when?

The most interesting thing is that the Russians themselves consider stupidity and foolishness along with laziness as a kind of dignity. Remember their many fairy tales about Ivan the Fool.

Valdemar Johnson

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