February 1, 2023


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Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I noticed how many American high ranking military officers (some of them generals) or national security experts showed their open or hidden pro-Russian views.

I wrote about it a couple of months ago responding to J. J. Green’s reports on WTOP radio as this station national security correspondent.

I talked to General Zwack in person about Russian-Ukrainian issues long before this Russia’s war in Ukraine began. We agreed on most things.

Shortly after that I was surprised by General’s post with photos of him traveling for pleasure around Russia and attending that Moscow Security Conference.

Here is how General Zwack recently memorized his participating in this event:

“Exactly one year ago to the day I and gave an address at the 8th annual Moscow Security Conference. It was hosted by the Russian Ministry of Defense with 45 nations participating. I attended as a private US citizen with the knowledge of our government, probably one of the last times a US flag officer — active or retired — publicly spoke in Russia. All of Russia’s senior leadership spoke as well as a number of other nations including China and Iran and numerous from Africa, South America and the Middle East. Several NATO-EU nations also participated as well as the UN AND OSCE. It was a surreal space with a significantly deteriorating anti-US NATO bias. In his address, Russian National Security Advisor Nikolai Patruchev stated “The Situation in Europe is Explosive.” General Gerasimov, the Chief of the General Staff emphasized how the lines between Nuclear and Conventional war were blurring. The US was also accused as maintaining an occupation regime in Europe since 1945/Yalta with the question posed “How long can Russia withstand NATO hybrid expansion? All variations of statements heard before, but now especially insightful into Russian senior level thinking with the brutal aggression against Ukraine launched less than four months ago. My addresssee reposted YouTube link below (some of you have seen already) — unflinchingly pro-NATO but not anti-Russian (bold font — by UWIN) retrospectively was a futile effort to help in some small way to sustain the fragile links and avoid conflict between our nations and militaries as our relations further and dangerously deteriorated. What a difference a year makes … so much has happened worldwide since I spoke.

As many of you know, I have a long professional and personal 33-year history with USSR/Russia that culminated in my posting from 2012-2014 as our US Defense Attache to Russia during the first Russian invasion of Ukraine”.

There is nothing to be proud for a “private American person” of participation in such conference and addressing its participants.

I am so disappointed, General.

Here is another example:

“Ukraine has lost the war” — US Colonel and former Virginia State Senator, Richard H. Black.

It looks like this Virginia Colonel Richard H. Black is an agent of [pro-]Russian influence or just a so called an ‘usful idiot’.

Volodymyr Ivanenko

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