December 7, 2023


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Since Russia invaded Ukraine and starting a full scale war, I listen more carefully to news in the US media. The most interesting (unfortunately, we are unable to share everything) information and analysis we post on our web site.

February 27, we shared English translation of the article “RUSSIA’S MASSIVE F*CK UP” prepared by RIA Novosti to be published a couple of days after the complete capture of Kyïv by the Russians.

A blitzkrieg didn’t happen. Putin did not succeed as he expected. RIA Novosti has published a pre-prepared propaganda article anyway, which immediately had to be removed from the site. The Internet, however, caught the publication and saved in its archive, and the Kremlin awl came out of the bag…

I sent our publication to a number of well-known American journalists. Some of them paid attention to it and repeatedly mentioned it in their news reviews. Of course, without referring to the source…

I was moved by this attention, and at the same time surprised by the fact that information about the article in RIA Novosti was provided without reference to the source. This prompted me to write a letter to a journalist outlining my views on the case, while expressing my impressions of the American media’s coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It was a private letter, and I had no intention to publish it. Unfortunately, in the following days, the American media threw me more and more examples confirming my already worded assessment. So, I came to conclusion that the text of my letter should be published, and I do here now.

I deliberately do not name my addressee-journalist here, nor the media he represents – it does not matter. My observations and generalizations apply not only to my specific addressee, but to the wider media in general.

* * *

First of all, I’d like to thank you that you have read and mentioned in your comment on your station yesterday and today information you got from our site. As an Ukrainian, I appreciate this.

As a professor of journalism, however, I was disappointed that every time you were talking on this topic you never mentioned how you have learned about that. Now, I am facing a dilemma: was it a professional mistake or premeditated ignorance (unfortunately, many journalists are weak at this).

I listen to your media regularly. So, I hear you more than other correspondents reporting or commenting on the Russian-Ukrainian war. Still, I have chances to compare, and I have to say that you are very good in what you do.

One thing I’d like to bring up to your attention is what should be done better by American journalists and experts when talking on this topic. They take Russia and its arm forces as a subject and Ukraine and its arm forces — as an object. Meanwhile, Ukrainians act much better as a subject, and this has to be taken under consideration.

Such approaching creates representation of a commentator as pro-Russian. Unfortunately, many American military guys with large stars are pro-Russian indeed. Instead of being pro-American. I know one in person.

A few days ago, one general commenting the fight for Kyiv and admitting Russians failure, talked about Russian “B-plan”. He was talking about it as if he got information about “B-plan” directly from Putin. At the same time, it sounded like the guy was indirectly advising Russians what to do to catch Kyiv. I wrote about it in one of my comments…

That’s good that you’re in touch with Ukrainian officials (diplomats, etc) who explain you the nature of this war. Unfortunately, many of them provide a very narrow standard view because of lack of knowledge and appropriate education.

American media and think tanks are ignorant to wider and often alternative views of the nature of Russian-Ukrainian relations in general and about recent years events in particular.

I am open to talk in person and help you to understand better what actually is going on and why the US and entire world have to help Ukraine to win this civilizational war. By the way, this war is 22nd war of Moscow against Kyïv (Ukraine-Rus’).


We may probably have more complaints about how the American media covers the Russian-Ukrainian war and the situation in Ukraine and around Ukraine. So we invite you to the discussion. Please, email us your comments and we will publish them in the order of discussion.

Volodymyr Ivanenko

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