March 30, 2023


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Son of Lukashenko supporting Ukraine. Being brave!

A lot has been written and spoken about leadership with the typical grounding logic being that it is a force for good. It isn’t always and never has been.

The instruments of leadership are blind to moral compass and the last 3 months has clearly shown how effective depravity leadership is.

Any reasonable thinker can see the turbulence of todays world and understand that we are well into a period of dangerous turmoil.

Having ditched a balancing approach to globalisation we are experiencing the consequences of polar-lateralism, each one struggling to negotiate, using extremes of power to achieve outcomes.

This is not just russia, whose primitive methods are globally well known, but many countries, including those who dressed themselves in dishonesty and disingenuous attitudes, proclaiming principles they don’t wish to protect and certainly seem to have disavowed.

The same can be said for business and other complex organisations.

A rising tide of enmity and suspicion is clear, and over the last few days, Germans in particular have taken heavy criticism, with an outpouring of shamed responses from both accusers and unfortunate Germans.

There’s no question that culpability lies in the conduct of the accused. The burden of proof falls to the accused to demonstrate their bona fides, which may be unfair, but there you go.

I have written many times about the challenge to organisational structures when core beliefs are betrayed. In particular within the EU, where trust has been severely eroded, most especially with respect to Germany, France, Italy and Hungary.

In the cacophony of voices, countervailing announcements and unfulfilled commitments, one thing has become clear, organisations have lost sight of our moral compass.

We have too. As a singular person, with family and friends, it can seem daunting, where escape from reality means that you don’t engage.

We all know that doesn’t help the situation, it simply feeds fatalism and a self fulfilling doomsday scenario. Something many are considering.

But, the reality is that after doomsday the sun will rise. We will either be in deepening crisis or on the way to recovery.

The problem, as I see it is threefold.

1. The well laid architecture of post 1980’s is inconvenient for some and they don’t want to sustain it.

2. The custodians of this architecture have lost their understanding of it and are not prepared to fight for it with the commitment needed.

3. The alternative is far less beneficial than what we are losing.

I have been involved in complex change for a long time and it’s the simple truths which matter. The most important being that people will not change into a vacuum. That’s why war and authoritarianism is needed.

Re-engaging well versed principles may lack excitement, but if we are to continue living innovative lives with new technology, social advancement and equality of opportunity, we have to destroy the threats.

Be brave.

Brendan Murphy

* * *

Be brave! That’s why Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee initiated the APPEAL BY REPRESENTATIVES OF UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE & PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSOR – УСІМ | UWIN that many people in Ukraine and abroad for some reasons are afraid to sign by siding up with Western leaders.

We have to put pressure on France, Germany, Italy and other governments, so, they could provide more and stronger support to Ukraine.

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