June 7, 2023


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This what one of my recent contacts from a EU country wrote. Before you read his text, I want to express my deep gratitude to all Europeans who are standing with Ukraine in these horrific times, as we fight the new Nazi-Russist regime.Roman Sheremeta

“I AM ASHAMED, I am ashamed of my country and a world that sympathises with Ukraine but does virtually nothing to help. What is going on is not a war, it is an atrocity, a crime against humanity. That is a documented fact that is being streamed live to us every day. Nobody can say that they did not know, we all know. Ukraine has not been attacked by an army, it has been attacked by a state sponsored horde of murderers, looters and rapists. At the head of this horde is a madman, driven only by the hunger for tyrannic power, that thinks he can make the crumbling wreck that is Russia into a superpower again. Well, it is a superpower, it has been a superpower for a very long time, but only a superpower of pointless suffering, death and destruction. Russian history is an endless bloodbath. This must stop. We know that there is no alternative. Waiting will only mean that more Ukrainian lives are wasted for nothing and that more of the country is ground to dust. Russia has systematically lied and manipulated and continues to do so. Diplomacy is pointless. Russia has invaded a country that it has recognized and given security guarantees. It is conducting a war of aggression with civilians as the main target, a genocide, and it has broken more or less every law, rule and ethical convention related to war. There is no alternative to throwing Russia out of Ukraine by force and all free and democratic countries have a responsibility to send their armed forces to help in doing so, not in a month or in a year but now. If we don’t do that, we are quietly accepting what is happening and that makes us all accomplices. Overwhelming force is the only language Putin and Russia understands and overwhelming force is the only way to end this.

And remember, don’t do business with Russian companies or non-Russian companies that do business with Russia. Only a complete Russian withdrawal from Ukrainian soil and war damages to compensate for the damage caused can change this position and start the winddown of sanctions. The lives that have been lost can never be replaced, they can only be remembered”.

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Designed by Volodymyr Rizhko

Comment by Victoria Khavulya:

Until people rise up in mass numbers in protests, the Western leaders will continue to use Ukraine as their pawn to weaken Russia. Unfortunately, they are just as evil by playing this cynical game. The West sympathises to save face, but continues to turn the blind eye. Doesn’t look like the West learned from its WWII past. And so history will continue to repeat itself.

From UWIN:

That’s why Ukrainians Worldwide Movement Organizing Committee initiated the APPEAL BY REPRESENTATIVES OF UKRAINIANS WORLDWIDE & PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO SUPPORT UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS IN THEIR WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN AGGRESSOR – УСІМ | UWIN that many people in Ukraine and abroad (Roman Sheremeta among them) for some reasons are afraid to sign by siding up with Western leaders.

To add your signature, send e-mail to ukrainainternational@gmail.com with your full name as it is written in your ID, indicate your occupation and position, as well as the city, state (region) and country of residence.


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