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Here is the Real History of Ukraine and Moscovy (now Russia), not Russian Myths

Kyiv was founded in 482,
Mass baptism of Kyiv was in 988.
Kyivan Rus’ was christened by Prince Volodymyr (956-1015 years).
Moscow was founded only in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky.
The real history; Yuri Dolgoruky did not actually start Moscow (!).
But squeezed it from the Suzdal boyar Kuchko Stepan Ivanovich, who owned the villages on the Moscow River, killing him.
Yuri Dolgoruky himself was the great-grandson of Volodymyr, who baptized Kyivan Rus’. And Yuri Dolgoruky was buried in Pechersk Lavra near Kyiv.
So, for the northern neighbors – Kyiv is a sacred place!

The territory of Kievan Rus was: in XI century 800 000 sq. Km and in XII century 1,300,000 sq. Km.
And Kievan Rus stretched from the Black Sea to the Baltic and White Seas! For comparison, the territory of Ukraine today is “only” 603,548 square kilometers

The name “Ukraine” is first mentioned in the Kyiv Chronicle 1187. And the root of the word “Okrainina” or “Country” — means “the state”. It has nothing to do with “outskirts”.

The name “Russian Empire” was coined by Peter I, who renamed the Moscowy , October 22, 1721, using the name of another state.

Why? Well, first of all, what do you know about the Moscowy Kingdom before rebranding? Nothing! Secondly, Kyivan Rus’ was already an expensive and respected European brand at that time. The Kyivan princes were practically related to all the royal houses of Europe. I remember the chapel of St. Margaret in Edinburgh, where it is stated that she is the granddaughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kyiv (!).

And even Macron today knows that Queen Anne of France was the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise from Kyivan Russ’.

Kyivan Rus or simply Rus’ was one of the European centers of education. The first school is mentioned in 988 in the Tale of Bygone Years. The second school appeared in 1030, created by Yaroslav the Wise in Novgorod.
Ostroh Academy was founded in 1576, The Kyiv Mohyla Academy — in 1615.

It is the Kyiv Mohyla Academy that became the cradle of Russian education. Graduates of the Mohyla academy were the founders of a number of schools in Russia and Belarus, especially in the XVIII century. They founded schools and seminaries in almost all cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Rostov, Tobolsk, Irkutsk, Kholmogory, Tver, Belgorod, Suzdal, Vyatka, Vologda, Kolomna, Ryazan, Pskov, Veliky Ustyuz, Astrakhan, Kostroma in Klyazma and other cities. Teachers in these schools were mostly graduates of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

Famous scientist Mikhail Lomonosov was also a graduate of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. However, before that he graduated from the Spasskaya School, which also was founded by a graduate of the same Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

It is also important to remember Ukrainian soldiers. All of Europe knows, not by hearsay, about the Ukrainian Cossacks. And not just from textbooks. In almost all European wars, of which there were hundreds, every third mercenary was a Ukrainian Cossack.

The history of the Second World War without Ukrainians would not be what it turned out to be. This is evidenced by the terrible numbers of losses, more than 50% of the dead citizens of the USSR were Ukrainians.

Russia is extremely uncomfortable being a world entity that does not have its own history, its own name and its own people. After all, “Russian” is also not a nationality, but belonging to the territory. And the Russian language is artificial.

And not just, throughout the whole history of Ukraine, Russia has trying to destroy Ukraine.
The Ukrainian language was banned by Russia 134 times.

We can continue the long list of crimes and thefts that Muscovy, the heir to the Horde’s traditions, is trying to hide. But they will not succeed. They did not learn the lessons of history.

Ukrainians were exterminated by the Holodomor in 1932-1933 — the communist totalitarian regime killed 10 million 500 thousand Ukrainians, many deported to the Far East, Ukraine had fertile territories annexed by Russia.

Ukrainians are a nation that has successfully survived the chaos and threats of the last 400 years.
More than one empire that has clashed with Ukraine has already ceased to exist. And this is also waiting for modern Russia.

For Ukrainians, unlike Russians, it is not territory that is valuable, but freedom and dignity. And as far there is at least one Ukrainian in the world (and the Ukrainian diaspora is one of the largest in the world) fir Russia there is no chance. So, we will definitely win!

In the photo: Kievan Rus XII century

Walter Derzhko

From UWIN:

This is a simple text on history of Ukraine and Moscovy (Russia) that can help people to understand both countries and the nature of the war Russian Federation brought to Ukraine.

The only specification needed is in reference to the name ‘Kyivan Rus’ or ‘Kievan Rus’. Historically, there was one and only country was — Rus’, also known as Ruthenia, Russiia (read: Roossiia), and Ukraina.

The definition ‘Kyivan’ or ‘Kievan’ was authored by Moscow historians who in 18th century created Russian myth about three fraternal Slavic ethnicities: Russians (the Great Russians), Ukrainians (the Little Russians) and Belarusians (the White Russians).

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