October 3, 2023


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How can Germany continue allowing these NaZi Russia parades in Germany?!

The fact that this is happening in Germany is disgusting. After the history of 30s-40s. After Hitler and the atrocities of Nazis. How can Germany enable the modern day Nazis? This is beyond my understanding.

And don’t give me the freedom of speech and democracy arguments. By this talk we should not stop the spread of Russian propaganda and the constant lies of Kremlin.

Also, don’t give me the argument that Germany is giving humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Because the amount they are paying for Russian gas is way more. And guess what does Russia do with that money? That money is used to build rockets and commit genocide against Ukrainian civilians, women and children, my friends and family.

And don’t tell me about diplomacy or how difficult it is to change the political elites. It was German government that helped Russia to solidify its grip on Europe. How many top politicians from Germany have been working for Russia? Schröder and others alike.

Stop giving excuses! Wake up! Do not let the history repeat itself again. Because, instead of displaying the phrase “Never Again” in all the concentration camps, you may need to change it to “Again and Again.”

Roman Sheremeta

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