May 27, 2023


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I am amazed at how many people around the world support Ukraine at this tragic time. Every day I keep getting messages from all over the world – old and new friends, colleagues from ArcelorMittal and Microsoft , classmates from San Jose State University , former clients and even casua acquaintances.

Many of them open the doors of their homes, collect in-kind donations, lobby their boards to withdraw from Russia, attend rallies and, yes, donate money.

Many people rely on well-known brands to facilitate their financial support. One of the first big names that comes to mind is International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC and its various national outlets.

Here’s the thing, though. When it comes to Russia’s war against Ukraine, not only is the famous Red Cross completely ineffective, being unable to negotiate and establish “green corridors” to deliver humanitarian aid.

It’s also not at all friendly to Ukraine in this “conflict,” as it likes to call the war.

No claim on neutrality justifies shaking hands with a war criminal. No humanitarian status explains why the Red Cross is planning to open an office of ICRC in Rostov-on-Don where the Russians are forcefully deporting Ukrainian citizens from occupied territories. Russia’s criminal actions must not be blessed by the supervision and assistance from the Red Cross, should it really aspire to live up to its mandate and reputation.

I don’t know why one of the oldest and most revered humanitarian organizations is behaving in this despicable way. But it does.

So if you or your company want to support Ukraine, please make sure your money doesn’t go towards the Russian equivalent of a concentration camp for Ukrainians.

Please make sure to entrust your donation to an organization that knows the difference between right and wrong. Choose Caritas Ukraine , UNICEF , Таблеточки (Tabletochki) , Come Back Alive , Razom for Ukraine or many other worthwhile organizations actually doing a great job for Ukraine and her people.

Yaryna Klyuchkovska

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