May 23, 2022


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One after another truckers convoys hit the Washington, DC area, promising not to disrupt trafic on the National Capital beltway. Event organizers called convoys different names until they ended up with the recent one — PEOPLE’S CONVOY, — and showing… Russian ears behind the entire truckers protest movement this year.

Let me remind you that everywhere Russia puts it hands on something named PEOPLE’S always pops up, and it’s not just another ‘People’s republic’, like in Ukrainian Donbas.

Chinese People’s Republic, Korean People’s Democratic Republic, Polish People’s Republic, German People’s Republic (in East Getmany) and others you might recall — all of them where born in Kremlin’s mind.

The very same way different People’s fronts, political parties and other forms of organizing loyal to Russia parts of societies were in existence in different countries around the world.

The Capital beltway was chosen for truckers protests for a few reasons.

  1. To be seen by and to put pressure on the US government. But their Covid related and lower fuel prices demands are confusing: the pandemic is almost over, fuel prices go up anyway, and are hurting all Americans, not just truckers… The original FREEDOM idea is even more confusing: freedom from what? Demands are indeed naive or even stupid.
  2. The Greater Washington, DC area is #1 for traffic jams in the entire United States — not to compare to New York or even to Los Angeles. Especially during rush hours. Several semi-trucks turn the Capital beltway in the mess. Just imagine tens or a hundred trucks messing around at once.
  3. Now, combine reason 1 and reason 2, and you will get not what American protesters want. You are getting actually Russia aims: by PEOPLE’S MEANS messing the Capital beltway traffic and showing the US government how easy to disrupt not just traffic but the whole American economy.

…Meanwhile, Americans are worrying about rapidly rising gas prices without even thinking that Kremlin’s agents are just around the corner provoking senseless PEOPLE’S protests.

From time to time, Russian agents of influence express themselves with black and orange ribbons, Soviet symbols, and others. Every year they organize marches of the so-called “Immortal Regiment” with portraits of the dead and small children, dressed in World War II years uniform. They live and work next to you, my fellow Americans.

Most of them are law-abiding permanent residents and even US citizens, although deep down they hate you only because hatred is their essence, and they wait for the moment to hurt you for no reason.

These days, they have a reason, and that reason is the unanimous support of American society and the US government for Ukraine in its war with Russia, which invaded its territory with a «peacekeeping mission». Some of them are very active in the information space, and some of them managed to get very close to our presidents…

Wake up, my fellow Americans!

Valdemar Johnson

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