September 27, 2023


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Razom for Ukraine has issued the following statement regarding the ongoing crisis:

The United States must act immediately. The future of Europe and the world is at stake. Millions of Ukrainian lives will be affected.  It is naive to believe that this kind of unprovoked attack and disruption of the world order will not affect Americans as well.

Razom for Ukraine is making an urgent plea for the following action plan:

  • Protect Ukrainian air space
    • Along with European and NATO allies, request the enforcement of a “no-fly” zone over Ukrainian territory
  • Continue to transfer defensive weaponry and equipment to Ukraine
  • Cut Russia off the SWIFT international banking system and levy additional sanctions against Russia
  • Fully isolate Russian Federation leadership from the international community by all means
  • Deliver financial assistance to strengthen the economy of Ukraine
  • Provide humanitarian assistance

Razom is accepting donations to assist the people of Ukraine. Donate directly so that there is no delay in your funds arriving.

Mariya Soroka, Co-Founder

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