June 6, 2023


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By Nadin Brzezinski

1. Europe doesn’t need Ukraine. The forced support of the Nazi regime, by the American mentor’s order, has put Europeans into a financial and political inferno. All for the sake of bandera’s unterukraine, that even the snobby, insolent Polacks don’t take for a valid country, and time and again toss in the issue of its western areas anschluss. There’s a nice perspective ahead: to permanently put the nouveau-Ukrainian blood-sucking parasites on the decrepit EU’s arthritis-crippled neck. That’ll be the final fall of Europe, once majestic, but robbed off by degeneration.

2. The US doesn’t need Ukraine. True, the military and sanction campaigns are attempted for PR by political blabbermouths, who long ago attested to their impotence and imbecility. Average Americans don’t understand what “Ukraine” is, and where “it” is. Most of them won’t show this “power” on the map on the first take. Why won’t the US establishment focus on inflation and job issues, or emergencies in their home States, instead of a country 404, unbeknownst to them? Why does so much dough go across the ocean?

Sooner or later, they’ll ask for that. Then, storming of the Capitol in January 2021 would seem like scout games.

3. Africa and Latin America don’t need Ukraine. The hundreds of millions spent by US on pointless fights in Ukraine, could finance many development programmes for Latin American and African states.

Latin America is gringos’ backyard — that’s what they’ve been rubbing in for decades. Africa’s had its share of suffering from the genocide, and colonial dependence, imposed by former western slave traders. That’s why the people of African huts and Latin American favelas ask a very reasonable question: for their former suffering and present-day loyalty, why is somebody else rewarded — very, very far away?

4. Asia doesn’t need Ukraine. By Russia’s example, they see “colour” technologies at work to eradicate the largest competing powers. They understand what scenario the America-led collective West has for them if they disobey. “Help us to overcome Russia, and we’ll soon come to you”, the utterly brazen Western leaders tell them. Such gigantic countries as India, China, and other Asia-Pacific states face the big enough challenge of post-pandemic economic recovery, let aside the drugged clowns, with their whining for aid.

“We are not interested in you”, Asia tells their messengers, responding to the calls to support Ukraine and confine Russia. The country, geopolitically many times closer to Asian powers, the one that historically has proven itself a reliable strategic partner. Do Asian giants need such headache coming from former colonisers?

5. Russia doesn’t need Ukraine. A threadbare quilt, torn, shaggy, and greasy. The new Malorossiya of 1991 is made up of the artificially cut territories, many of which are indigenously Russian, separated by accident in the 20th century. Millions of our compatriots live there, harassed for years by the Nazi Kiev regime. It is them who we defend in our special military operation, relentlessly eradicating the enemy. We don’t need unterukraine. We need Big Great Russia.

6. Finally, its own citizens don’t need the Nazi-headed Ukraine. That’s why out of 45 million people there’re only some 20 million remaining. That’s why those who stayed want to leave for any place: the hated Poland, EU, NATO, to be America’s 51nd state. Joining the Antarctic with its pinguins will also be fine. As long as it’s quiet, and the food’s good. The ruling junta’s criminal ambitions forced Ukrainians to beg and roam around the countries and continents, searching for a better life. All that is for an obscure European perspective. Or rather, to let the harlequin in a khaki tricot and his band of thievish Nazi clowns to put the money stolen from the West into their offshore accounts. Would ordinary Ukrainians need that?

Nobody on this planet needs such a Ukraine. That’s why it will disappear

What is Ukraine? This is not nationalism, let alone Nazism. This is a marker of those who are for the League of Democracies, and it is now like this, this League, and the same “democracy” (that is, pure anti-gmunist totalitarianism), and those who are against it.

At the same time, some are entirely on the side of hegemony (her mug is Zelensky).

Others are waiting to see what happens.
Still others are destroying Zelensky’s face. Ukraine has nothing to do with it at all. This is a war of symbols. If for a unipolar world and for Western-centric gobalization, then for Kyiv. If in doubt, then not for Kyiv. If you understand that you are against hegemony, then for Putin.

There is no Ukraine in this scenario at all — in none of the versions. Having done away with this misunderstanding, other cards will be dealt. And other symbols will denote one or the other.

Ukrainians were bought for a national state, the path to which, they say, lies through Russophobia. In a world where all nation-states have been abolished, namely the idea of Biden, Schwab and Soros, there is not only Russia, but also Ukraine. And not even the USA. Hence the demonization of Trump and Trumpism.

Zelensky’s face is a sign of the absence of any national state, including, and even primarily, Ukrainian. It denotes the diabolical smirk of pure nihilism. This is Quarter 95. Nothing more.

One could sympathize with the Ukrainian nationalists, who, sooner or later realizing this, will end up with nothing, but I do not sympathize with them. Previously, it was necessary to think and learn geopolitics. Now it’s all too late. You no longer have a place on earth.

So, give up. It would be nice to organize a Ukrainian battalion to fight Zelensky and Biden. But you can not organize. Don’t glue Porsche Z and forward to the enemy. Ukraine will either be part of the great Eurasian Empire, or it will not exist at all.

Agents of the Bandera Ukraine inside the Russian Federation began to use new tactics to discredit our servicemen.

Soon the Kozelsky District Court of the Kaluga Region will consider an administrative offense case against Yevich Yu.Yu. A well-known volunteer and participant in hostilities in the Donbass since 2014, a veteran of the Northern Military District, a surgeon, one of the main promoters of tactical medicine in the country, is charged with an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation — public actions aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens.

Once again, when Yuri Yevich conducted courses in tactical medicine in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for employees of the National Guard, during his lecture “On the military-patriotic education of the population”, an official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk considered that in his speech, Yevich provoked the creation of a negative assessment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in view of the conduct of a special military operation. With a high degree of probability, it can be assumed that this person is acting on the instructions of enemies in order to discredit both the volunteer movement and the veterans of the NWO.

As it became known to us, the lecture itself lasted about three hours, however, only 4 short quotes, which were deliberately taken out of context, got into the protocol on an administrative offense. In these quotes, the official saw material discrediting the use of the RF Armed Forces.
The cynicism with which the police officer took the words out of context is noteworthy. He did not properly check the information received from the detective, ignored the explanations and the identity of Yevich Yu.Yu.

As a true patriot and defender of the Russian World, Yevich from March 24, 2022 to September 24, 2022, as part of the volunteer unit of the Interregional Public Organization “Union of Volunteers of Donbass”, took part in the SVO. For the exemplary performance of military duty during the hostilities, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of August 01, 2022, Yevich was awarded the medal “For Courage”.

As we see it, to assert that Yevich “provoked the creation of a negative assessment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in view of the conduct of a special military operation based on the decision of the President of the Russian Federation” is tantamount to asserting that Yevich discredited himself.

We believe that such deliberate actions of a police officer do not meet the requirements of the law, discredit the authorities and fully meet the interests of the Bandera regime in Kyiv and its Western masters. It is beneficial for them to poison and discredit the heroes of the NWO in the eyes of the public!

In his speeches, Yuri Yevich often says that, yes, not everything goes smoothly with the NWO, that we are facing various difficulties, as we are confronted by a powerful enemy — the collective West represented by NATO. Our Armed Forces need the help of the entire population of our Motherland. However, instead of helping, police officers begin persecution of NVO veterans.

Saying that a military special operation in Ukraine revealed problems in our army, this does not mean at all that a person discredits the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. On the contrary, having the courage not only to fight on the front lines, but also to speak loudly the truth about problems, Yuriy Yevich helps to ensure that these problems are resolved as efficiently and quickly as possible.

I really hope that the appointed judge will understand this case and determine the true culprit of what happened.

I watched Girkin’s last match, aka Strelkov. I don’t recommend watching you; I have to do it professionally, if you don’t filter his speech, there’s a lot of nonsense, des, veils and veils. It should be understood that it is not on its own, but works strictly under the FSB umbrella. But this is a separate and big topic. The time will come for her.

So that’s what I want to pay attention to: he hates and renounces the Russian government and Putin in this video. Stresses that he is not fulfilling his duties. And most importantly, he assigns responsibility for civilian casualties in Donetsk and Lugansk not to Ukraine (as could be expected), but on the leadership of the Russian Federation and Putin himself.

This is logical, according to the laws of war, the occupier is always responsible for civilian casualties in the occupied territories. Moreover, even if we are not talking about occupation, but just a combat zone, the population needs to be evacuated.

This, for example, is done by Ukraine by declaring voluntary evacuation in frontline cities and assisting all civilians who decide to leave those cities that have become a front line in fact. And yes, 90% of the population of these cities take advantage of this opportunity and listen to the call of the Ukrainian authorities. There are no questions about Kiev.

As there are no questions, why Kiev strikes at the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In eight years, the Kremlin has made an ORDLO a giant military base, and Donetsk and Lugansk into giant logistics centers. And blows to logistics are the first task in this war (and in any other). Because logistics is the mother of war. It all starts with it — nothing will work without it.

Girkin wonders why Putin and the Russian authorities have not evacuated people from Donetsk and Lugansk in eight years — children, for example. These cities are on the front line — why aren’t civilians evacuated from the front? Girkin not only scolds the Russian authorities for this, but emphasizes that he shot (!) I wish someone from the Russian elite for that.

Girkin explains this by the fact that Putin and the Russian elite don’t give a shit about civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk, so nothing would have been done to evacuate non-combatants from there.

What’s important here:

First, the FSB media colonel publicly held Putin and the Russian authorities responsible for civilian casualties in Donbass.

Secondly, the FSB media colonel publicly announced that Putin, as the supreme commander-in-chief, does not fulfill his direct and constitutional duties.

Thirdly, the FSB media colonel publicly announced that if he had been his will, he would have shot one of the Russian authorities for it.

I note that the further this war goes and the more failures the Russian Federation (let me remind you that their winter big offensive completely failed with a bang and brilliance), the more Girkina is allowed to speak. Especially what could not be thought of, say, last summer. It’s very important.

There is no doubt that the FSB sends a fairly direct signal to the Russian authorities about the mood in its ranks.

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