February 4, 2023


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Three reasons why Pope Francis perpetually fails Ukraine By Regina Elsner

Ukrainian prelate says Pope shouldn’t cozy up to Kirill before visiting Ukraine By Elise Ann Allen

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Since the beginning of the russian invasion of Ukraine, the behavior of Pope Francis has been despicable and immoral. First, Pope has asked a russian and a Ukrainian woman to carry the cross together. Then, he prayed to God: “Bring enemies to a handshake so that they can taste mutual forgiveness.” As if this prayer was just and Biblical. Equating the aggressor and the victim is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

This week again, Pope has decided to show his unbiblical position and complete lack of understanding of reality, by calling the russian propagandist Dugina, an “innocent” victim of the war. Again, this equating of the aggressor and the victim is immoral. Moreover, the death of a russian citizen on the territory of Russia, to which Ukraine has nothing to do, is nothing short of misinformation and propaganda.

These stories demonstrate again and again the sign of moral bankruptcy of Pope Francis and the fallacy of doctrine of Papal supremacy and infallibility.

Roman Sheremeta

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Together with millions of Ukrainians of all faiths around the world, the Ukrainian World Congress expresses its concern over His Holiness Pope Francis’ recent disorienting statements regarding the war in Ukraine.

We are sincerely grateful for His Holiness’s prayers for peace in Ukraine, and for the care the Pope tends to his global Ukrainian flock, but we are concerned over his public statements regarding Russian aggression which unjustly equate the aggressor with its victim.

Ukraine and her heroic people are the victims of an inhumane and unprovoked war of aggression that has been unleashed by Putin’s regime in the Kremlin’s bid to throw the world back into totalitarian darkness. The Russian invaders are brutally killing hundreds of Ukrainians every day.

We call on His Holiness Pope Francis to visit the sites of mass torture and murder committed by Russian war criminals in Ukraine. There, we ask His Holy Father to pray, together with survivors and victims’ families, for peace: peace for the souls of the dead, and the peace that can only be achieved by stopping the aggressor’s brutal genocide of the Ukrainian people.

We hope that the Catholic Church, the spiritual and moral compass for more than a billion people around the world, will make the clear distinction between the losses of those who have come to kill, and the losses of those who have been killed in defense of their families and land against an invading military force. This will provide the world with a clear distinction between good and evil.

At this most trying time, we repeat our appeal for His Holiness’ clear and unambiguous support for Ukraine in the fight to defend her freedom and independence.

Earlier in the war, the Ukrainian World Congress sent an official letter to the Pope, asking for His Holiness’ support for Ukraine, and the public designation of Russia as an aggressor state.

Ukrainian World Congress

The conclusion in advance from all that facap concerning the Pope is very simple. The Pope cannot be a person who has ever been a supporter of Marxist-Leninist views. Even the repentant person. Never. This disease is incurable.

Vyacheslav Nesterov

From UWIN:

Rumor has it that hundreds of billions of Putin’s money is hidden in a Vatican bank. Obviously, this is the reason for the essentially pro-Russian position of the pontiff. It is probably beyond the power of even God’s vicegerent on earth to sanctions Putin and seize his unrighteous money.

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