June 6, 2023


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Ukrainian woman Maryna Vyazovska received the “mathematical Nobel Prize” – the Fields Prize.

This is the most prestigious award for mathematicians, and the 38-year-old Ukrainian woman became only the second woman laureate of this award.

Vyazovska found out about the fact that she would become a laureate of the Fields Prize shortly before the war. However, the award ceremony took place just now.

Vyazovska has long been considered one of the most promising mathematicians in the world. The merits of the Ukrainian woman were also recognized with other prestigious awards: the Salem Prize, the Clay Mathematical Institute Prize, and the European Mathematical Society Prize.

We successfully overcome the stereotype that mathematics is not for women.
When I graduated from the faculty of Cybernetics at the Kyiv Shevchenko University (by the way, Vyazovska graduated from the same University), we had only a few girls. Finally, the situation is changing!

Nataliya Limonova

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