May 27, 2023


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What was happening behind closed doors in Kyiv? Die Welt: This could be the beginning of a nightmare for Zelensky

According to the German daily Die Welt, during their visit to Kyiv behind closed doors, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz and Mario Draghi were to persuade Ukrainians to start negotiations with the Russians and to resolve the conflict peacefully.

There are many indications that Zelenskiy’s guests might have shown kindness to him, but behind closed doors, persuade him to start negotiations with Russia in the coming months, after the expected collapse of Donbas, and to strive for a peace agreement”, says Schlitz.

According to the commentator, this is indicated by the outline of the peace plan presented by Italy in May, the reluctance of France and Germany to supply arms to Ukraine, and Macron’s statements from Romania, in which he devoted a lot of space to the need for negotiations.

“Thursday’s visit to Kyiv is the beginning of this process”.
“These three are the core of the new coalition of true EU leaders in the face of the war in Ukraine. They are in favor of a pragmatic, swift and — at least from a Western point of view — the most profitable peace solution. However, they are not in favor of justice, greater security in Europe, defense of freedom and the fundamental principles of international law”, argues the journalist Die Welt.

In his opinion, Zelenskiy cannot do anything about it, because “his country is on the drip of the West” and, contrary to public assurances by Western leaders, Ukrainians “cannot decide on their own about the fate of their country”. “Thursday’s visit to Kyiv is the beginning of this process, which will probably also be supported by the Americans,” concludes Christoph B. Schlitz.

Janusz Sobczak

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