December 5, 2023


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There is a site named Quora where anyone can post a question and it will be answered by someone capable to do so. Here are a couple of questions answered on the site by different people;

Why doesn’t Ukraine just surrender to Russia since they can’t win?

This question was answered by Frank Smith:

History has taught the Ukrainians that to surrender to Russia would not go well for them.

I’d suggest that Ukraine will fold when the last babushka runs out of bullets.

These people know the odds.. but more importantly, they know the cost, if they lose…

They aren’t going to lose.

What if Russia declared war and unleashed its actual military might on Ukraine? Could they conquer Ukraine in a few days?

This question was answered by Eric Wicklund, Former US Navy Operation Specialist and Military History Amateur:

Oh please. 280,000 is pretty much the entirety of what Russia could throw into a fight.

Don’t be fooled when Russian fanboys throw out the 900,000 (or 1 million) number. That includes the guys in the Navy whose most dangerous weapon is a crescent wrench. The remainder is the guys who maintain the aircraft, and drive the trains and load them up with forklifts. Russia has a very large number of people related to maintaining the Russian railroads. It’s important to Russia, but don’t expect them to know anything about infantry tactics. At best, they’d be cannon fodder.

You can tell Russia has already shot their wad, and failed miserably, since they are already bringing up T-62s (from their former position as flower planters), to replace all the T-90s that already nothing more than scrap metal.

The rest are border guards and police, most of who are mostly skilled at robbing babushkas (grandmas) of their meager pension money and her bag of turnips. They really haven’t the faintest clue what to do when someone shoots back.

Oh, and those 2 million reservists? Oh yeah, there’s a sorry lot. Most of them served no more than a year, barely long enough for them to get used to the idea of wearing shoes and tying shoelaces. I’ll bet many of them remember which end of the rifle to point at the enemy, but not all. And you can bet the bulk of them didn’t stick to rigorous physical training while living in Mom’s basement.

No, Russia isn’t holding back. They aren’t sending out guys to get the tanks destroyed deliberately, the attack on Kyiv wasn’t a feint, and Russia isn’t going easy on anyone. The complete destruction of Mariupol is proof that’s a lie. The Russian apologists think they’re offering clever excuses for Russia’s piss-poor performance, but they’re fooling nobody but themselves.

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