April 1, 2023


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Victory Day in Russia, or how the generation of war criminals has been raised.

Russians are celebrating Victory Day on May 9. The USSR and Russia raised generations on the idea that the defeat of nazism belonged solely to Moscow. This artificial cult of victory has created 20-year-old murderers and rapists who committed atrocities in Ukraine. How?

For decades, the Soviet regime offered an alternative to reality: The Great Patriotic War (41-45) instead of WW2 (39-45). If Ukraine took a turn to the truth after the USSR collapsed, Russia only strengthened their madness around victory.

This reality stated that only Russia defeated the nazis, ignoring the Western front, lend lease and the fact that most battles happened in Ukraine. They avoided the term “nazism” as it correlated with socialism and collaboration with Germany. Everyone was called fascist, even Hitler.

Victory Day was coined by Brezhnev, who needed The Date to praise himself. He was not a part of the October Revolution, so May 9 became the main celebration. Since 2005, the cult of victory has grown every year.

The idea of absolute impunity is the backbone of Kremlin propaganda about WW2. “We solely defeated the biggest evil, now we’re allowed to do anything” – a simple trick that raised a generation that has never seen WW2, USSR, or even post-soviet foul 90’s.

Recently, Putin honored the 64th brigade. The same brigade that murdered and raped Ukrainians in #Bucha. Several war criminals were in their twenties. The cruelty of these boys could be shocking. Well, it’s not, though. After all, they grew up worshiping Russian victory.

Russian slogans speak for themselves. “Thank you, grandpa, for the Victory,” “To Berlin!” and the most popular — “We can repeat.” Well, the latest threat has become our reality now. They do it again. They are repeating the horrors of war and shedding blood.

Volodymyr Viatrovych

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