September 27, 2023


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People share on social media saying by Yale University professor Timothy Snyder:

For thirty years, Germans lectured Ukrainians about fascism. When fascism actually arrived, Germans funded it, and Ukrainians died fighting it.

As a historian, professor Snyder is not accurate. It’s a more complicated issue for Germany than T. Snyder says.

First of all, we have to talk about nazism, not fascism (that were Russians who started mixing nazism with fascism at the end of 1930s despite fascism is Italian ideology, by the way, not that nasty as German nazism was).

Second, please, pay attention that Russians are talking about nazism in Ukraine, and that’s what Germans are easily buying from Russia and, possibly, because of which they are siding with Russia.

Third may be one more thing never taken under consideration but actually playing significant role is this particular situation. I mean atrocities against Germans committed by Soviets (predominantly Russians) during and shortly after the WWII.

Massive killings of civilians by Russians in Germany is one side of the issue that makes all Germans scared. It was never ever investigated, researched or even considered. Because Soviets (Russians) as winners were untouchable like something sacred. Many decades of Soviet occupation of Eastern Germany provided more than enough time to cover up whatever Soviets had to.

The other side is massive rapes of German women. You can google publications on this topic and find a number pointing at a few million rape victims counted. The number not statistical — just estimation. Nobody knows how many children were born as a result of those rapes. Sure, very many. We are talking about the end and a couple of years immediately after the WWII only.

Don’t forget that after that a one million the Soviet armed forces group stayed in the Eastern Germany for over four decades. One million healthy young men from the Soviet Union, mostly from Russia, obviously were looking around for sexual adventures…

We don’t know how many young German women of their own free will or under duress came into contact with sexually hungry Russians. We can assume that a lot. We can also assume that many of them gave birth to children.

Thus, it can be concluded that the Russians have largely genetically modified the population of Eastern Germany, and perhaps to such an extent that we can speak of a serious impact on the genetic code of the entire German nation.

In Germany’s pro-Russian behavior, this factor may play an even greater role than the memory of nazism, renamed fascism, or country’s dependence on Russian gas and oil.

Volodymyr Ivanenko

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