November 30, 2022


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As Orthodox Easter approaches these three men are repairing the chapel, using the simplest of equipment, a ladder, cement and courage.

All over Irpin, people continue the inspection of buildings and tidying up.

Yesterday, a massive unexploded bomb was dealt with by Sappers, and the day before a truck involved in the clearance was blown up by a device cynically left behind. Unfortunately the driver died.

The legacy of the war in Irpin will be enduring and far reaching. You know I need your help to help the people of Irpin, if you can help, let me know.

I want to address two important issues where Linkedin members are getting into difficulty.

The first one is the reporting of military movements.

There is no international immunity for people reporting military movements, and time and again, incidents involving death and destruction have been tied to social media posts.

This is a very serious legal matter that will not be ignored by any government, nor the victims.

ALL sources of military information need to be dealt with very carefully, even if it is widely shared by others.

The second one is conduct of governments who have failed to meet the reasonable expectations of the people of Europe.

Increasingly, citizens of these countries have heard the strong words and hard opinions of those anxious about the death and destruction in Ukraine.

They have become aware of the strong disapproval of their country’s policies and their politicians utterances.

Individuals have a duty of care to themselves to demonstrate their positions, just as much as governments do, and both are inter-dependent. That’s reality.

Germans especially have a sensitivity to this as many post WWII generations faced popular contempt, for well founded reasons.

The consequences are yet to be visited upon people (this war is 56 days old), but they will be consequential.

For those countries supporting Ukraine, it will also be consequential, as their status and standing rise. It will be the citizens from these countries whose credentials increase.

The consequences of failure can be seen in Irpin, Bucha, Chernihiv, Kherson, Mari’inka and Mariupol. In the strained faces of the people, in the hospitals, and in the cemeteries, where people weep over disturbed ground.

It can be seen in the 10 million displaced Ukrainians and the 500,000 + forced removals to Russia (a hideous war crime), which few want to talk about.

It can be seen in every social media and traditional media.

No one can hide behind the claim of not knowing.

I am not sorry that citizens of countries which have failed begin to feel the condemnation of others, it is but nothing to the suffering in Ukraine.

Their governments appease, facilitate and fund war.

It is a human stain, yes. It will not wash off, no.

Fight for your reputation by insisting your government acts.

For what it is worth, I will venture one thing.

Justification and denial are stony roads best avoided.

Brendan Murphy

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