May 27, 2023


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The battle of the century is coming. It will involve tens of thousands of soldiers on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides and it will begin in Ukraine’s Donbas very soon – likely sometime next week. Hostilities are already ongoing there now, but what is coming is likely to dwarf everything that we have seen in this war so far.

The coming battle will be similar to the large-scale clashes of World War II involving hundreds of tanks, multiple infantry and mechanized artillery divisions, coordinated airstrikes. The advantage previously enjoyed by Ukraine’s forces, armed with light and hi-tech Javelin, NLAW, and Stuhna anti-tank weapons and Stinger missiles, will likely not be sufficient this time to defeat the Russian invader. Ukraine needs heavier weapons – now.

Reports from social media and western intelligence show large numbers of Russian forces being transferred from Belarus (after their withdrawal from the Kyiv area), from the Russian far east, from regions occupied by Russia in Georgia, from “peace keeping” missions in Uzbekistan, in Moldova, in Azerbaijan, Syria… In addition, reservists from Russia’s poorest regions are being offered large sums of money to sign up for service. All these troops (and their equipment) seem to be amassing in the direct vicinity of Ukraine’s eastern border.

The Russian invaders obviously do not enjoy the same levels of motivation and morale as are evident among Ukraine’s defenders. The Kremlin’s compensation offer to its experienced reservists and to new conscripts seems to involve general authorization for Russian soldiers to loot, steal, rape, and plunder while in Ukraine. Therefore, expect more evidence of Russian war crimes – likely on a much larger scale than those witnessed recently in the area north of Kyiv – to become public very soon.

Russia has no need or interest in peace. The recent article entitled “What Russia should do with Ukraine” published by RIA Novosti – an official Russian state media outlet – makes things exceptionally clear: peace is not a desired state for the Kremlin. The purpose of the current war is to “solve the Ukrainian question”.

We cannot avoid the fight, we can only prepare for it.

Ukraine needs weapons now! This was the message delivered today to NATO, and this is the message that should be screamed from every rooftop by those who support our cause.

Ukrainians understand that this war must be fought by Ukrainians: there will be no NATO boots on the ground nor NATO planes in the air to help us. NATO will protect its eastern flank but will not extend that protection to Ukraine. Someday the wisdom of this policy will be questioned, but for now it has been decided: Ukraine will be defended by Ukrainians.

Accepting (though not agreeing) with this position, Ukrainians will continue to ask (plea, beg, request, demand…) the instruments required for our defense. Please give Ukraine heavy weapons – NOW!

We have a war to win!

Mychailo Wynnyckyj

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