September 23, 2023


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While Ukrainians fight a twisted and evil enemy, a realisation begins to register in the minds of many outside of Ukraine. People like you.

Amongst the deep emotions felt over the images and commentary from the war, people outside of Ukraine begin to see the fondness and affection people in power have for Putin and Russia.

Can you imagine the global response to a Pope laughing and joking with a Paedophile? Would he last a day?

Peter Maurer is a Swiss diplomat who has been serving as the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross since 1 July 2012. Maurer was born in Thun, Switzerland.

The photo is of Peter Maurer who is legitimising Russian forced removal of Ukrainian citizens to Russia. He is as evil as Lavrov. The International Committee of the Red Cross is finished. Giving money to them is sponsoring ethnic cleansing and human rights abuse.

These scumbags are not the only ones.

Also finished is the UN, NATO, the G20, the EU, US, France and Germany, as well as others. I don’t include Hungary because it was historically pathetic, deserving of no respect. They perished on the bonfire of the vanities their leaders have.

Now that is a big statement and they will all insist on their survival, as indeed the Catholic church has. But like the Catholic church who tortured and raped children, the people will decide against them.

It is for you, and you alone, to decide how long they persist. For me, replacements can be found or created.

Putin and Lavrov exist because they are facilitated by these finished entities. Unless you replace them, this crop of evil will give birth to another.

Of course, your indifference and inaction provides these people with lavish lifestyles and great wealth. Of course, your preoccupation with your own life allows them free rein.

But it is you that is the fool. Not them. Peter Maurer’s net worth is estimated at $8 million.

So, in your indifference, these people plunder. Don’t choke on your coffee or tea. Don’t kick the cat.

Get mad, write an email demanding his resignation. lift the phone. Do not be indifferent.

He is laughing at dead people. Laughing at people suffering.

He is laughing at you.

There is going to be a new world order. Stand up and make it with me, an Irish man, with Ukrainians, with decent people. Step up and do your work. Don’t accept this betrayal of trust. Face down the corruption. It isn’t a tank, it isn’t an armed soldier, it is simply a mass of vanity, conceit and indulgence.

Replace it.

Brendan Murphy

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