May 27, 2023


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There was a time when this photo would stop Europe and trigger an immediate international response, with daily radiation updates, talk of iodine tablets and monitoring of at risk territory, from Ukraine to Ireland.

But no, not this time. Cowardice and corruption rule. You are not doing enough and your children are at risk.

On at least 7 occasions, Russians have caused fires in the Radiation Zone releasing radiation into the atmosphere which blows over Europe. Each time, Ukrainians work to put out the fire, risking death from radiation as well as Russian military.

Around Irpin, Bucha and Hostomel, work has been done. Forest walks produced results, yet smoke still rises, due to bombing.

Russian forces are cut off from re-supply and effectively surrounded. The consequences of their murdering and rape is being incurred in a series of sweeping movements, akin to a scythe. The one that death carries.

They will not live for much longer, they are in the boiler now. In Belarus, local people have destroyed important rail connections, so supplies are even more difficult.

In Maruipol, the Ukraine counter-offensive against Marines left only 10% able bodied. Prisoners now, their lives over.

But Russia and Belarus still recruit more people to the slaughter. Still launch missiles and bombs, still destroy cities, towns and villages, killing the old, young, sick.. as many as they can.

I thought about posting a letter from a boy to his brother, apologising that he could not save their mother and enclosing a map of where she was buried, in a kindergarten, but it is too hard for gentle eyes.

Across Ukraine, defensive positions are being maintained and huge damage is being done to Russian military. The enemy has lost morale and surrender equipment in exchange for life and a few dollars to see them home.

Across Ukraine 93% believe they will win. More than ever before. In Odesa, sand bags were filled and loaded to the music of a live rock band.

Kadyrov’s military are back in Chechnya, but Chechens fighting for Ukraine remain and increasingly fierce. The Northern border has an interesting mix of military tribes fighting for Ukraine, each one, taking turns to slash down the enemy.

In Russia, arms manufacturing is in crisis, with Tank production and repair stopped due to lack of parts. Missiles and bombs remain a threat, but just yesterday 6 aircraft, 5 UAVS, 1 helicopter and 5 winged missiles were shot out of the sky.

Italy did a remarkable thing yesterday. Joining other countries to support the fast tracking of Ukraine into the EU. This will happen by mid-summer. The technocrats will not prevent it.

Yesterday, Olaf Scholz wrote admiringly of Russians in his Instagram, while Macron supported Renault’s billion dollar Russia business.

As other EU nations support Ukraine, its foreign reserves are good, financial and technical support for farmers is in place and Ukraine businesses are working. What they need is orders.

Buy Ukrainian.

Brendan Murphy

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