September 24, 2023


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The woods around Kyiv are full of nature and popular for walking and picnics. For obvious reasons this is now banned. There is craven evil in these woods, as well as traps that kill.

Notwithstanding the danger, a man was walking alone, yesterday. As he ventured on his journey he came across Ukraine military, who are removing Russian forces and sending them to their destiny. This was on the edges of the very active zone.

The man’s is Alexander Pavliuk, an experienced combat General who has fought this enemy since 2014, in the most hottest zones of conflict. Later yesterday he was announced as Commander of the forces responsible for protecting Kyiv.

General Pavliuk is a quiet, friendly man, well able for the rigours of war. Physically strong he involves himself in the conflict personally. He is no armchair General.

Yesterday I also received a video from the street my house is on. Like all parts of Irpin it has been bombarded. 100% residential, the neighbouring houses were attacked and the small shop damaged. You can imagine.

A friend wrote that birds no longer sing, dogs do not bark, even the wind in the trees falls silent in the park, 50m away. Irpin is under constant bombardment now.

As Russia is allowed by cowardice and corruption to kill, injure and destroy, they build their army from the lowest in society. Putin ordered recruitment from 16 to 65 and these will fill the gaps caused by casualties.

But these creatures replace demoralised military, some who simply run away, gifting military technology, almost unused, including Russia’s most advanced field communications vehicles, which was handed over, with passwords, protocols and access. Ukraine military have full access now. The Russians exchanged it for their lives.

Across Ukraine ordinary citizens protest in occupied areas, push Russian soldiers, threaten them. In places molotov cocktails burn out the infestation. Sadly, Russian bombs and missiles continue to rain down.

Both the defenders and the enemy reinforce their forces. Food for Europe will be difficult. The global economy is going to be badly effected. You, the reader will suffer and you deserve it.

The leaders of your country are not doing enough. It hasn’t been stopped and it can be stopped. Your military are cowards, politicians are even worse, tainted by corruption.

Some corporations have been strong, others demonstrate a lack of moral compass.

If the Ukrainian citizen can face an enemy and protest, so can you. If they can find ways to punish occupiers, so can you. If they can galvanise courage, strength and decisive leadership, so can you.

The dead man, Evghenii Pasechnyk, deserved a better life and better funeral with loved ones. The rail line is your future and the photo is a metaphor. You are this man. This is your future, unless you act.

You must act. Pressure your government, even more, till they cannot breath, pressure them.

Brendan Murphy

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