December 5, 2023


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An intelligence coup. And so it is! Look at all these previously secret Russian equipment up for grabs!

As we’ve posted previously, the Russians are making a hash of their electronic warfare capabilities in the Ukraine War. While they put much investment in offensive capabilities to disrupt enemy communications, they had seemingly neglected to upgrade their own communications networks such that it resulted in their own troops being forced to use cheap civilian walkie talkies to communicate amongst themselves.

This deficit in Russian Army command and control networks has been dealt an even bigger blow by the fact that a number of their highly specialised, and secret, command vehicles have fallen into Ukrainian hands from where they would no doubt be transferred to other countries in the Western sphere of influence for technical exploitation.

Here, we see a R-149MA1 Unified Command Vehicle (UCV) as the Russians call it, or mobile command post as most people call such things, based upon a BTR-80 APC being worked over by Ukrainian troops. The unique communications suite within the vehicle and all of their associated code and cypher books and records would be a major coup for the West. These are the exact kind of things that spies work hard to get their hands on. And here, it just fell into their hands like a windfall apple.

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