September 23, 2023


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I address this post to those who believe that war in Ukraine was commenced solely by putin and russian students cannot be held liable for this and be excluded from moot courts.

Here is the link on video (with English subtitles), whereby students of Moscow State Institute of International Relations expressly confirm that they SUPPORT THE WAR against Ukraine (alteit call it as “special military operation” just like putin does).

For your convenience, below I also outline some “interesting” points made by “innocent” students:

1) they say that Ukrainians and russians are “one people”. In other words, they refuse to acknowledge that Ukrainians are separate and independent nation … just like putin does. They continue to call as “brothers” despite the fact that such “brothers” have been brutally murdering Ukrainians (including children) for more than 3 weeks;

2) they blame Ukrainians for starting the war in Donbass despite the fact that exactly Russian Federation has started this war and occupied our territory … just like putin does;

3) they also demand the so-called “demilitarization and denazification”, “neutral status of Ukraine” and (ATTENTION!!) “recognition of the sovereignty of russian federation over Crimea” … just like putin does. It seems like not only putin does not know what is the international law and its basic principles.

Do you still believe that they are just “innocent” students, whose hands “are bound”? It is ridiculous …

Anastasia Polishchuk

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