May 27, 2023


Українська світова інформаційна мережа | Ukrainian Worldwide Information Network


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Dear foreign friends, we do rely on your support — please, do what you can today to protect Ukraine, to protect the world, to protect yourself.

Do not stay aside — the world it very small!

If we all together do not stop this crazy aggressor he will move further!

The main rule in dealing with any terrorist – never tolerate, never agree with any requirements, but fight to calm him down.

We have to show him our strength!
We have to show him our unity!
We have to keep human values!

Pease remember that everybody (at any place , of any position or profession) may do something with those instruments available to him/her.

Please, share the information, please, donate to Ukrainian army, please, shape the public opinion in your countries — we need your urgent support: military (protection of our airspace), sanctions against aggressor, humanitarian aid.

From UWIN:

When looking at the covered by blood Putin’s image, please, remember that he is a killer. Not only aa a Russia’s president that sends soldiers to kill in Ukraine and other countries.

Not many people know, but it’s a fact that while on assignment as a young KGB officer in Eastern Germany, Putin personally killed eight or nine people.

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