September 26, 2023


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Yaroslav Hetman started a petition to President of the United States demanding: President Biden, Take Immediate Action To Support Ukraine Now.

This petition is in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, asking President Biden and the representatives of Congress to:

— Provide immediate and credible military support for Ukraine so that it can better defend itself against another Russian invasion;

— Identify and publicly outline potent economic sanctions that will act as a strong deterrent to Russia—and to do so ahead of the upcoming Russia talks;

— Sanction the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, rejecting Russia’s ability to bypass Ukraine with gas exports.

Yaroslav Hetman is a newcomer in Washington, DC area who on his very first day announced in Facebook that he just arrived at the area and is eager to organize any kind (sic!) of protest against Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Y. Hetman is not the first newcomer who believes that nobody before him did nothing here in Washington, DC area in support of Ukraine. He announced an event to be held at the White House on January 8th. Several people responded to his call, but nothing serious came of this venture.

Naïve and ignorant people usually do such things with no success. Because Ukrainians in Washington, DC area usually do well prepared and organized protests.

The very same situation we have with Mr. Hetman’s naïve idea of a petition to President Biden. It looks like the initiator has zero knowledge on the U. S. policy toward Ukraine.

“Support for Ukraine is in US strategic interests!” — explained Yuri Deychakiwsky in his comment under Mr. Hetman’s call to sign his petition.

Here is the moral: learn first basics before initiating anything you are incompetent in.

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